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  1. Thanks for the link, but I just gave that a quick view and didn't really look at the maps yet because I noticed... It has your real life name and pictures of your family, you should PM that link to me, cuz you never know when some weirdo may come online and read this and see your family pictures or whatever. Thanks though, I'll definitely give the maps a look through!
  2. I don't think that's the problem... is there a way I could send you the map and have you take a look and message me back? Thanks Benox, you're always a big help e-Hate
  3. Cool, actually we only have 2 maps from SKC among our over 800 map collection. If you'd like you can send me a PM on these forums with your maps and our guys will check 'em out, and they may even be added to the server
  4. I've already read that, but due to the different files types in this map I couldn't do it D: I talked with one of my good friends, JS, and together we turned it into an actual map and everything... however, for some reason when I start the map ( i added a spawn point already even though there's no end point) it shows my car sitting on an invisible solid object in the sky, and I can see part of the maps roadway, but when I drive to it I go right through it, and then in the main GTA area, on the main land, on the bridge between LS and SF there are about 8 huge objects which are part of the map and map mod, and they're not together or anything, just like they are randomly rotated and set there. What do you recommend doing? I used debug and it just says "Info: 1" "Info: 2" .......... "Info: 13" D:
  5. Hey everyone, First off I'd like to apologize to all the helpers here at the MTA forums for my lack of knowledge in the world of lua. I understand you guys have lots of things to do rather than just helping me out, and so I wanna say thanks for all the help you guys give to noobs like me! With that being said... The entire basis of my server is to have realistic race tracks from around the world, such as Texas Motor Speedway. I downloaded a realistic map, with a bunch of mods in it that is meant to be installed and used in single player, but I want to try to use them on my server. I already have downloaded and installed mtamodelimp_rc2 and colleditor2-0.4b, but what I need help with is what to do from here. The map mods are really complex.. and filled with files! Here's a layout of the Texas racetrack .rar file: NSRTexas --- Data (Folder) --- Maps (Folder) --- Interior (Folder) --- props.IDE --- nsr.IDE --- nsr.IPL --- gta.dat --- gta3.img (Folder) --- LOD_Texas1.dff --- LOD_Texas2.dff --- LOD_Texas3.dff --- LOD_Texas4.dff --- LOD_Texas5.dff --- LOD_Texas6.dff --- LOD_Texas7.dff (more...all the way up to 13) --- NSR_Texas.COL --- NSR_Texas.txd --- NSR_Texas1.dff --- NSR_Texas2.dff --- NSR_Texas3.dff --- NSR_Texas4.dff (more ... all the way up to 13) I hope that this layout can help you helpers, help me! haha, it's really complex >.< Again, Please help as soon as possible, since this is what my entire server is based on (realistic race maps) And AGAIN, Thank you all so much for all the help you give. Thanks, e-Hate
  6. -Delete- For some reason it double posted my topic..
  7. e-Hate

    help neon

    I too am using this script.. and I have a question... how can you allow anyone who connects to use the /neon command without having to have an admin give them the server command: call(getResourceFromName("neon"),"addNeon",getPedOccupiedVehicle(getPlayerFromName("namehere")),true) Thanks!
  8. Sorry, I was wrong to say that what I posted was correct, because when I edited the lines in server_client.lua it only edited the position of the text on my screen, not on everyones. (I had my friend connect, and it was in a different location on his screen, since he has a higher resolution than mine). So if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it <3
  9. I have a very simple question, and have done some research into it before posting about this.. and can't find out how to do it to save my life.... I simply want to move this: To this location on everyone who joins the server's screen: Thanks in advance!
  10. e-Hate

    New Server Mods

    I'm sorry to be such a noob at this man.. I really am.. but I put together this small photo album (4 pics) showing the different levels of the .rar i'm trying to turn into the mta race map......... Please take a look to see why I'm so confused with what goes where: http://imgur.com/a/hmLiU#0 The folder with all the .dff's is the all the textures etc.. then in a separate folder in the .rar is the maps folder and a gta.dat ... when I open the maps folder i get an IDE and IPL and another folder called interior.. (Just so you can see what's going on in the SS's) Again, sorry to be so noob at this, but I really want to make this work. Thanks, e-Hate
  11. e-Hate

    New Server Mods

    Grrr! by collision files do you mean all the txd's etc? This is my first time doing something like this, and I have like 5 maps I need to do What do you use and what do you recommend?
  12. e-Hate

    New Server Mods

    Thanks for replying, I'll give it a shot, but do you think it'll keep the "realistic" look of the race track, and allow me to add race markers to it so people can race on it? EDIT: When I ran the converter it gives me a huge list of errors.. about collisions? "Error collision missing" and then it closes and puts nothing in the output folder. Any ideas? EDIT: Some of my custom maps I found have .dat files too.. what do I do with those? lol
  13. e-Hate

    New Server Mods

    did you even look at the link? -.-'
  14. that's an insane price for a recource. I wouldn't pay more than 5$ for it.
  15. e-Hate

    New Server Mods

    Hey fellow MTA'ers... so.. I'm running a race server with a group of friends specially made for racing NASCAR style... I've come across a map on GTAinside.com .. and it claims to be downloaded so you can play it in single player.. but obviously we can make it work for MTA... However, I'm new to doing server mods for everyone who joins the server. Can someone PLEASE take a look at this and help me figure out how I can get it to work like a race map on my dedi server? Link to map: http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.ph ... d&id=13727 Thanks, e-Hate
  16. Hey everyone! Some of you may know me, some of you may not... either way, a few buddies of mine and myself are starting a new MTA server based completely off of the NASCAR series. We already have a number of maps, some of which were made by us, and some of which were downloaded from the AMAZING mappers here. I've done a lot of mapping before for DM/DD servers, however, because this is such a specific server, we're opening our doors to the public of MTA to see if we can get some help finding some AMAZING maps. We need maps that are based off of the real NASCAR series (click here to see the official tracks in NASCAR) If you have maps based off of the NASCAR series, or EVEN F1, we'd LOVE to have them. We already have some of the GREAT maps from servers like SKC (Thanks to them for the free maps, and here is the link to their page) A few of the maps we're looking for in particular are: Atlanta Motor Speedway Road America Sonoma Indianapolis Motor Speedway Nurburg (Both the short version and the long version would rock) Anyone who helps us out will get a special credit on the server with your name listed. And if you can think of any more, please please PLEASE feel free to comment. We appreciate your time reading this and hope to see you all on our dedicated server upon completion. Thank you! e-Hate, and the MTA NASCAR Championship Team.
  17. Cool stuff we'll be in contact. Anyone else interested too?
  18. You can tell Spyke or ffs-Rock lol I don't know them
  19. 1. plasticsgate1 - Just search gate if you want a few variations. 2. ballypllr01_lvs - Search "Bally" if you want the other parts to it. 3. sf_rooflite - Is the red light you see -- sub_roadleft -- is the fence part you see (Actually it isn't the same color, but it'll do for mapping, try searching "left" if u really want" 4. White = Search "carshade" Dark = Search "seing" or just search "8558" Alternatively, there are shorter pieces with lighter color to it... i can't find it now though. just look around at random objects, you'll find something nice ALSO - A lot of mappers are using the Toll Booth for road parts now.. so if you want something darker search "toll"
  20. What's a "cps"? and yes, a DM Race map
  21. Hey guys, well... as many of you know, I make many MTA Race maps.. however, I only release some of them, which are quite frankly not my best work... Also, as you know I am a very serious map designer. I was wondering how to get into contact with a few of the better known, serious map designers, such as ClaudiO, DC, Skotinka, FLO, and SebaS. I consider these mappers to be respectable, and serious, and these are the types of designers I would be seriously interested in making a whole new type of race map. If you have seen any of my lesser known maps (not uploaded on this forum -- except for a few parts here and there) I prefer to do something out of the ordinary with my maps... Since I am a graphic designer in real life, I love to do things in my maps that make it look like you're racing through a hard drive.. or racing through the internet, hopping over firewalls and landing on ramps made of core duo processors. These are the kind of out of the box, creative thought patterns that I have when mapping, and I'm hoping someone here can help me get into contact with a serious race map designer that would be interested in working with me to create a real amazing driving experience for the MTA SA community. If you think you can help me, or if you think you are a serious map designer, feel free to respond or inbox me. Again, I'm really serious about making something people can really have fun on, especially since I have a little more time on my hands in between designing projects with my work in real life. Thanks so much guys, e-Hate
  22. Hey guys.. basically I just wanna setup a small password protected server that me and 1 of my friends can play and test maps on.... My home computer won't host the server anymore because it's gay. I actually own a website and was interested in if it's possible to have a server online through my website... meaning I don't need to keep mtaserver.exe running on my computer all the time. Thanks, e-Hate
  23. No.. like it says in the main post, I can't record because my computer lags like a mo fo.. Also cuz I suck at racing... yes, even in my own maps... it's like my cars handling just isn't as good as everyone else. lol
  24. Love it.. Not because it had some decorations on it.. just because this is a map that goes back to the way mapping was before it was all about the decoration.. ole fashion pro track design! Nice one guys!
  25. Hey everyone! I just finished my 3rd Race map... I hope you enjoy it! This map took me over 6 months because I wanted everything to be perfect, it has been tested from almost every angle... there are no bugs, HOWEVER you must learn the moves of the track to complete it Also, I love mapping, however I can't race it for SHIT! So.. I couldn't knab a recording of me racing the map, instead enjoy a nice photo album and give the map a go! As always, my map is free for us all to enjoy, so here's the download:
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