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  1. and what exactly does he expect? Help? References to some interesting pages? Use your imagination
  2. Do you own a copy of GTA SA?
  3. FUNExtreme

    In-Game Voice Chat?

    I will enjoy muting voice chat
  4. FUNExtreme


    colshapes would probably be the best solution I assume
  5. Still ain't used to the "no search, just ask" disease?? Its spreading
  6. Ok thanks, Because I didn't know that I just wasted a couple of houres debugging and trying other things
  7. So if I understand correctly, the only way it would give trouble is when the table.lua (where the table is) is server-side and the other script where I try to use it is client-side? If that is correct then I found my problem
  8. I'm trying to use a table wich was created in (for example) table.lua inside the script table1.lua You understand what I mean?
  9. FUNExtreme


    Your function name in the AddEventHandler does not match the actuall function name openagates1 opena51gates
  10. Hello, I currently understand almost everything of the lua coding structure although there is one thing that keeps annoying me. Tables, I'm able to use them when it comes to the script where they are created but from the moment I try to use them globaly it gives errors. So my question: Is it possible to use tables as a global variable? Note: I didn't make them local xp
  11. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Pickup I didn't search further because of this https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPickupType Just as you said, thanks Next question: the last link gives a list of custom pickups. Is that the full list or are there more of them
  12. I'd also use SQlite like 50p said, you might want to keep it for friends only for now but maybe you will change thoughts one time and enlarge the file making your resource slow. Just go for SQlite i'd say!!!!
  13. FUNExtreme


    Heya, In Singeplayer there is a mission where you have to steal a jetpack. Now in that mission just before you reach the jetpack you have to pick up a security pass (if I remember correctly). My question: MTA only supports weapon pickups, how do I make a security pass pickup like in that mission?
  14. Ok, thanks for the auto completion "fix" About the saving, did you really mean that people should report here or did you forget the "not" Btw: do you think you are going to try to fix the saving bug or will it last until the new version (in a couple of years ^^)
  15. I don't know if this has been reproduced by someone but when I go to options, change some things and press Save then nothing happens. It just doesn't save. On the other hand the Auto completion seems to pop-up completly random wich makes that most of the time when I press enter it doesn't go too the next line but it changes the line with one of the auto complete ones. Thanks for reading
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