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  1. AcidDK

    Resource center

    I can't access mtabeta.com.. Are you updating anything?
  2. Things like that only happen in the states... When do you learn that guns shouldn't be something everyone can get?
  3. Interesting. That has to be tested. I'll test it when I have time and post the results here on the board. It might become useful for servers with ping kickers.
  4. Nah keep it as it is.. That way it's more Hitman-like
  5. AcidDK

    Mouse movement.

    It's a GTA bug.. Just Alt + Tab away from MTA and back again. Then it works.
  6. I already use this for the mini map in the corner, and I'll definitely use it for the radar map too.. Thanks!
  7. I like to figure things out myself, but when I'm totally lost I'll ask. I'm the scripter btw.
  8. Well.. store the element in a global variable and destroy it with destroyElement when needed?
  9. tell us some of the limitations and we may be able to help Nah you're not the ones working on the LUA language. I'll just have to get used to it.
  10. Yeah that's what I already have done, which doesn't work.
  11. Hi. I've been all over the wiki and this board now, and I can't find out how to create images and show them in game. Can some one possibly make a short guide for it? Thanks in advance.
  12. AcidDK

    Mouse freezes

    The first thing is a GTA issue, not MTA. Anyways, I have the solution for it. You don't have to close and reopen the game in order to make it work. It happens because MTA is partially out of focus (don't ask me how ), and it can be fixed by Alt + Tabbing a few times until you get it right. It's about Alt + Tabbing away from the MTA application (I know you can't minimize it but that's not what I'm saying either) and back again. If your eyes are fast enough you can see the Windows Alt + Tab application for some miliseconds.
  13. I'll try and see.. Anyway, the reason why I wrote "if 0.0 < tmpLoss < 5.0" and not "if 0.0 < tmpLoss and tmpLoss < 5.0" is that you can do so in Pawn, C/C++, Visual Basic, PHP etc. I'm already getting tired of LUA's limitations. I'll be back soon with the results. EDIT: Okay your solution worked. I'm both happy and disappointed. I'm happy because I now don't have to worry about it anymore and I'm disappointed because LUA sucks ass Anyway, thanks for your help mate
  14. I've tried that in another situation just like this one (getDistanceBetweenPoints3D and comparing the same positions gives a value of 0, which it also understands as a boolean), and it didn't do any difference. Either way it would, logically, still be misunderstood by MTA if the float is rounded up/down to 0 or 1 as false or true.
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