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  1. Hehe, got it working, i did like some more cleanup, works perfect
  2. Hey, now i have a problem with installer, if i try to install it, that's what it says: And sometimes, if i download new installer, then installer stucks at half installing, and then it says: "Couldn't extract this or this" and then i just have to quit installation, and if i try again, same thing. But it isn't with only the same file, every time, there is another file, and i have scanned my computer for tons of times, and my hard disk has half space left... I dont really know, what to do, any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hey all, now i have a problem with the installer, its not working, if i want to start it, that's what it says: And sometimes, if i download new installer, it works, but when half is installed, then it says: This, or this file couldn't be extracted, and there it is, installing cancelled Any ideas, what to do?
  4. Is it possible to add custom objects(like walls) to gamemode? I mean like for example add objects to entrances, when you dont want anyone to get in. (i mean for admins, is it possible someway?)
  5. Lol, thats a very mad bug. My friend pimped cars with admin, and he said that then he blown them up, and when he blowned them up, then they all spawned to the location of hay, all of the tuned cars, just came of nothing And then they we're repaired. Thats very mad bug. We wanted to make something like garage, and all cars from our garage disappeared, and they spawned there Veeeeeery crazy. Edit: Picture:
  6. No problem... Always here to help you
  7. Well, you have to. More info: http://portforward.com
  8. It seems u have turned off these things in GTA.
  9. It can be done in GTA
  10. Well, thats already spamming, coz everyone has this, there is just an bug with admin panel, i hope this will be fixed for the next release.
  11. ASE always say's that, so it's not error, it's just an notice
  12. Well, i think that then you have just made an account(not given it admin privileges). Do like it says: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ing_admins
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