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  1. Eh...I dont think it will. We have been waiting for ages for it.
  2. yeah i need help too. people are rarely active in this thread though
  3. How long will the map centre be inactive, ive got some cool maps to up load If you know of any websites that have lots of maps on there for MTA please post it. Thanks
  4. Nice, the music isnt all that good though. 3 stars from me
  5. Ive needed something like this for ages but i cant be bothered to go through all of the objects lol. Thanks
  6. Oh I thought you could only have one size, thanks
  7. Its better because its so easy to cheat on sa:mp which makes the game rubbish. Once MTA Death match is released it will be the best multiplayer mod for gta. Why cant i say that its my opinion.
  8. Sorry im a bit of a noobie with all this MTA Map stuff. Can someone please explain to me how to get it from Excel to MTA Map editor.
  9. mumfi's right MTA is alot better than SA:MP.
  10. Can someone tell me either the id or where to find the loop please. Thanks in advance
  11. Can someone give me the ID for the loop or tell me where to find it. I cant find it anywhere lol
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