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  1. hey delux, its me cam , but i use mta map creator for making maps and i use the converter to convert them into samp
  2. so you cant send me a version of it? and sorry for the bump
  3. Does anyone have a copy of this map? The center is not working for me...
  4. thanks, got a server ip? i wanna see it..
  5. took a couple hours to make it, here ya go... http://up.lukashempel.de/?f=287 the picturent working... "It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image."
  6. So theres an boject limit for the maps?
  7. I need this object... both of them, the road and the land... Shot at 2007-08-06
  8. I know I think its been posted before but I was showing my friend MTA and he thought it would be way cooler but it wasnt. He wanted to walk around and kill people and I know DM is coming but have it sorta like SA:MP it would be cooler.
  9. Were you breaking the rules? Team killing? Anything like that?
  10. Do I have to connect it to the game or something or just that?
  11. Ooops but if I download the patch will v2 turn into v1?
  12. Will you ever make it edition 2? It makes me so mad because I cant find the first edition anywhere and when I search it online and find it, I ordered it and it came as the second edition. I just waited like a month for nothing! WHERE CAN I FIND V1. They only have v2 in stores. Make MTA for v2 TOO!
  13. Sorry, Im new. Next time I'll look. Once again, sorry...
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