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  1. ok : J 'ai désinstallé GUS , mais les maps bug encore ! [i have unistall gus but the maps bug again !] (J' ai laissé PRS)(I don't have delete PRS] Unknown Map Detected, Restarting Script And Map.
  2. : “( I has just tested, I have all to remove then I have put PRS, but its always puts to me that the maps are unknow, I does not understand, that must I make?? : ” (
  3. ok it is what I vait to do, but, I would still have files admin.ini etc. to configure? thx
  4. Eh yes, I still comes to annoy you with my bad englais: P Here my problem this time: I installed scripts Gus and PRS 1.3 whole go very well! Except 1 thing: 1 time out of 3, when a map was selected in the choice of the maps, the map starts again as well as scripts, while putting this message to me: “Unknown Map Detected, Restarting Script And Map.” Its makes its only on same the map. What do I have to make so that the maps is detected then?? Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Sky

    Nobody gains cash ! :(

    ah ok, but good, its does not make buger other script?
  6. Sky

    Nobody gains cash ! :(

    aaahhhh ok thxxx !
  7. Sky

    Nobody gains cash ! :(

    thank for your post reply =) i have download my script here : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=19121
  8. Hello, (already sorry for my english) I installed the new script which has just left (for MTA: SA) and also installed Gus at the same time. Script is installed on the waiter and any walk has wonder EXCEPT, the money that have gains it. As soon as a person gains a deathmatch, it does not gain a money, even when we are more than 5 on the waiter. In other words selffreezes etc are bought. but nothing is gained! Which is the problem? If not right another small question for not created another topic, then I to manually give money to the other players? Thank you for those which will help me!
  9. o_0 euh, plz can you say a model ? ( a map open with a bloc note ) and thx.
  10. Hello, I congratulate you initially, gg, but on the other hand I included/understood absolutely anything:s 1 How to reveal the loops in the maps??? 2 How to put several A of it the continuation???? 3 How to make to regulate the card for create of the loops??? 4 times the card create, it are necessary to make what????? Thank you.
  11. Sky


    in short that if I understood well (I have a bad translator:S) you will try to find something?
  12. Sky


    thank you but I have already to seek... without answer: ( can somebody help me plz??
  13. Sky


    a DD is a deathmatch/DM/DD =)
  14. Sky


    Hi, I knows that that I am going to ask for you is hard, but I ask all the same. =) Here is I would want a script for MTA:SA who is only made for the DD and who when we gain(win) a DD, he(it) gives us 1 point and what while gaining(winning), they are added has now " wins " at the same time And that by collecting these points, we can buy things as: Kick, mute, to change of map on the others. thank for those who will help me.
  15. Sky

    --> Help plz

    Hello, sorry, my translator is invalid(useless), this one is going to be good =). Thus, for the remote admin everything is OK, more need of help thank you. On the other hand I have another question : Is it possible to leave its server 24/24 without that my computer is off ? Thank
  16. Hello everyone, I have create a waiter MTA:sa 1.1, any walk except which I have some problem: 1/Impossible to connect me on the remote admin. 2/Il has average D elaisser there the sever 24/24 by extinguishing its computer? Thank you for your answer.
  17. Sky

    hello =)

    Hello everyone, being French and noob for creé of scripts thus, I would like to know if of spersonnes could creé me following scripts: 1 for the point in DD, Ca ril does not count in the point of!stats 1 others for the warnings of when one SHOUTS (2 warning before the kick) and right of knowknowing why when I makes!commands, I does not see my commands as!lol (which are put and which steps) Thank you.
  18. Sky

    Help me again plz

    ahhhh super thank you very much
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