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    Server 2000

    Eey guys, If i want to run the mta 1.0.1 server on Windows Server 2000 i receive this error: THe procedure entry point freeaddrinfo could not be found in ws2_32.dll now i found this http://www.codeguru.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-393756.html so i think it is the MTA team who need to fix it, am i right? sad because now i still need to run on 1.0 which freeze sometimes. Gr Ruben (owner of XIII-Clan)
  2. its already fixed i removed something out of racevoting_server.lua
  3. i have exactly the same problem in my server today i updated to r460 but no changes, already restarted the server but no changes, cleared resourcecache but no changes hope you can help me (server is running on windows server 2000)
  4. that one need to be fixed ASAP
  5. yes I removed all resources but i put that one back and it works... thanks
  6. or typ in serverconsole "gamemode " like this "gamemode assault as-dam" without quotes
  7. uhh my irc server is running on my server pc but i havent got a irc. is that the problem? EDIT Its working now thanks
  8. indeed i connect to my own ip for my own server but.... i should be connect because i can connect with mirc
  9. nice script but little problem [12:55:36] Starting IRCEcho [12:55:36] Connecting to IRC (<myip>:6667) [12:55:36] start: Resource 'ircecho' started [12:55:36] IRC Notice <> <myip>: *** Looking up your hostname... [12:55:36] IRC Notice <> <myip>: *** Found your hostname [12:56:16] IRC Disconnected i wont connect but i can connect from my pc help Ruby
  10. no example..... can you make a example?
  11. This is 100% spam; Now you've spammed more than me in this year! hahah nice
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