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  1. Newest Nightly Build fixes it! Thanks a ton!
  2. I want to run at 1680x945. Can't seem to be able to find out how anywhere... Can anyone help? 1680x945 is native resolution for my laptop. GTASA doesn't like it. I have a Nvidia 360m. The best thing I can do so far is 1280x800 which I'm running windowed mode. My desktop pc runs at 1680x1050 which GTASA seems to be ok with. Why is 1680x945 not kosher with GTASA? Why isn't there any way to force custom resolutions to GTASA?
  3. I had to remove that randomseed line about a week ago. It started doing it again. But removing that line fixed it. On a side note, I had to also do a complete reinstall (removing all previous versions) to get our map editor server to work right.
  4. I wonder if it's a soundcard/driver on vista/7 issue. I have a soundblaster audigy2. What about you?
  5. We have edited this resource to include new sounds and a random selection thing for the events. It works great. Except on my primary computer. The sounds cut off too soon on my end. It works for others and my 2nd computer plays them fine. The only thing I can think of is my main pc is using vista and it runs at 60 fps. My 2nd pc is on xp and doesn't quite hit full fps. Does anyone know anything about this? Some of the sounds are a little longer than the original files.
  6. Is there a way to make this a little bit bigger? I'm guessing making it about 1.5 times the current size? Or that may be too much... I don't know, it just seems a bit too small. I have my chatbox at 1.5 times the default size and that is perfect. I've tried messing around with the code, but nothing I do works. I don't really know much about this sort of thing. I have our race server dxscoreboard set to show the server info and game mode and map. How hard would it be to have it also display the map's rating next to or under it?
  7. Benji, yours works better. If you can tell DazzaJay I'm banned from Pothole Studios forums again, that would be great. I think he's trying to keep someone else out, and I keep getting shafted. I don't want to be banzored.
  8. So...... ....how would you do that? ***EDIT*** I got it! Thanks for your help AcidbRain! https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.html?p ... ils&id=467 I hope you don't mind I released it to the general public as a resource... so now the great unwashed can enjoy it.
  9. Ok I edited the meta file (I think) to have a client thing as well. But this is what happens. I'm close... Any ideas? ***Edit*** Just messing with it, and and now it's starting to spam the chatbox:
  10. Hey thanks, but I have no idea what to do with that. I'm gonna try to figure it out, but I don't know that much about this stuff. My guess is sticking this somewhere in the mapratings_server.lua file? Or wait... is there a mapratings_client? hmmmm.... I might can figure this out... ***Edit*** I added those lines to the end of the mapratings_server.lua file. Then I added a file called mapratings_client.lua and put in the other lines. But it doesn't do anything.
  11. How do you get the map ratings to be displayed when the map starts? I want the chatbox to say something like: Blow the damn started rate 0/10 or something like that.
  12. Restarting the computer the server is running on fixed it for me.
  13. g_SpawnPoints = { } g_SpawnPoints[1] = { x= -711, y= 957, z=12.4, dx=5, dy=5 } g_SpawnPoints[2] = { x= 2058, y=-3122, z=18, dx=5, dy=5 } g_SpawnPoints[3] = { x= 2017, y=-2540, z=14, dx=5, dy=5 } function spawn(player) math.randomseed(getTickCount()) -- choose a spawnpoint local sp = g_SpawnPoints[math.random(#g_SpawnPoints)] --spawn player using spawnpoint params repeat until spawnPlayer (player, sp.x+math.random(sp.dx), sp.y+math.random(sp.dy), sp.z, math.random(360), math.random(9,288)) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) end Thanks to DazzaaJay and Benji on the potholestudios site! This works.
  14. Let me preface this by saying I don't know much about coding. I want to add more spawnpoints to my freeroam server. I found the lua file (I think) that needs to be edited in the Play resource. I've edited it so it looks like this: addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do spawn(player) end end ) function spawn(player) repeat until spawnPlayer ( player, -711+math.random(1,5), 957+math.random(5,9), 12.4, 90, math.random(9,288) ) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) repeat until spawnPlayer ( player, 2058+math.random(1,5), -3122+math.random(5,9), 18, 90, math.random(9,288) ) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) repeat until spawnPlayer ( player, 2017+math.random(1,5), -2540+math.random(5,9), 14, 90, math.random(9,288) ) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() spawn(source) end ) addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function() setTimer(spawn, 1800, 1, source) end ) This has worked to change the spawnpoint to one of the new ones. But it only uses one spawnpoint. I want it to randomly select one. I also want to add more spawnpoints when I get this working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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