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  1. The RMO NEVER DIES...... : ... Our great leader just need vice city, can anyone help him?
  2. I say, the Team should decide wether or not he is acceptable instead of being rejeckted by someone who's not even a member. I think it is a good thing that he wants to help the team out.
  3. Thanks... More of those movies would be apreciated
  4. Very cool video. More of those would be cool. By the way what is the name of the soundtrack, it sounds great.
  5. Don't forget about Half-Life. The way it succeded, maybe one day, mta will make GTA that popular.
  6. Sorry just interupting. GTA 1 and london also had mp included. But i also think i heard something about ai cars synced in future releases.
  7. Make a copy of gta3. and mod that, if it gets messed up you always have the original. You can also look at http://www.gta3hq.com and find some tools.
  8. I got some news again... We got ourselvs a new site. A layout origally desgined by DarkGX, but i just added some things. A big thanks to him, by the way, he is still making inprovements to the layout so it could only be better. Check it out. I could need some help from somebuddy who has some expirience with html, pm me if someone is interested, it would be very apreciated....
  9. You are problary right. I am just playing a little with a forum, and i though it would be a good way to manage and have an complete list of all the members. So you don't have to write em down, if you are lazy
  10. How about making usergrups on the site, for every registered gang. Make it open group, and all gang leaders can manage their own usergrup. It is a good way to handle the gangs members and i think the usergrup name will be shown above the avatar. Think of it.
  11. It would be nice if you guys started posting a bit. So we can show we are alive. Update: I made a new thing at the site, but it is just for fun i maybe will delete it if arti doesnt want it. But look and tell me what you think! And i uploaded our new gang members so the site is up to date. Update: Made a news section i want you guys to tell me what kind of info. it should have. We could use it to anounce gang news, but then you will have to check it out regulary.
  12. IT looks like we can use it again.
  13. Good idea. It would be cool to have both of the games covered by a comic. With all the gangs in it..
  14. The name could also have some humor in it.. like Grand Theft Comic Pogo the monkey's choice. Something like that.
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