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  1. trying to resolve a situation.
  2. About the admin script it looked like someone tried to re-write the MTA:MA GRS script. My suggestion: 1. Get the original 2. Ask the guy who wrote it to clean it up.
  3. 1. put the news line where it is supposed to be in the events.txt file 2. move the line to right under the %mta.event. line and remove one closing bracket. Get a better editor that shows you where the open and close brackets for a statement are.
  4. First of all I hope you know that the 4.15 is for MTA:SA If you want to connect to a MTA:VC server you need to get version 3.24 (correct me if I am wrong) About the problem with connection check where you have your MOTD and see if the URL is set correct. Not finding the MOTD can cause time outs.
  5. When you start the game from MTA it first plays the intro movie (looks like black screen probably). Press 'space' to continue. Then it will start loading the game. This can take a few minutes depending on how fast your PC is. Connect to a server, say hi to your frends, then start the game and go for a drink.
  6. I have installed all patches I could find.
  7. Tommis, I am not accusing you, but some of your members did. We sent the latest IP to CeoZ on your forums. As far as evidence is concerned...this is a server log JOIN: 'Spanky', PlayerID = 1 (23:49:02) Veh: 1 4 Veh: 1 1 Veh: 1 2 Veh: 1 3 Veh: 1 5 Veh: 1 6 Veh: 1 7 Veh: 1 8 Veh: 1 9 Veh: 1 10 Veh: 1 11 Veh: 1 12 Veh: 1 13 Veh: 1 14 Veh: 1 15 Veh: 1 17 Veh: 1 16 Veh: 1 19 Veh: 1 20 Veh: 1 21 Veh: 1 18 Veh: 1 23 Veh: 1 22 Veh: 1 24 Veh: 1 25 Veh: 1 26 Veh: 1 31 Veh: 1 27 Veh: 1 28 Veh: 1 29 Veh: 1 30 Veh: 1 32 Veh: 1 34 Veh: 1 33 Veh: 1 35 Veh: 1 37 Veh: 1 38 Veh: 1 39 Veh: 1 40 Veh: 1 41 Veh: 1 42 Veh: 1 43 Veh: 1 44 Veh: 1 36 Veh: 1 45 Veh: 1 46 Veh: 1 47 Veh: 1 49 Veh: 1 51 Veh: 1 52 Veh: 1 53 Notice that there are no '0' that should be for a player to exit the vehicle ?
  8. I just noticed the people that come over and crash us play there, I do not think that all of the people there are bad and I hope that the main guys from there can assist me. It it not easy running something professional, but we are trying.
  9. As the server grows popular some people seem to be happy to crash it. I will not mention where they come from *cough*XE*cough* They seem to use a bot that- 1. uses a !giveme like command placing all cars in one location 2. crashes upon their connecting We are banning the IP and sending reports to the provider, but I would like to stop them. If anyone has a way to stop them or can send me the tools used so that I can fiigure the way to block them myself it will be highly appreciated. -edit- The server is MTA 0.5 with mIRC scripts running
  10. TheShadow

    Really Need Help

    It is not really weird not being able to sell something you do not own You need to check out how the scripts work and then adapt them to fix some of the bugs. After that you will know enough to make your own. To use admin functions login as admin in game. Then you will be able to use the admin level commands. If you use GRS by Oli you can set your own admin level if you have not done it yet. You should not be able to send cahs to your self. And when you are looking at the cash script, you need to change it to disallow people sending more cash than they have or sending negative cash.
  11. hmm...for some reason the www link has forum.mtavc.com in front of it. Not me putting it there...really Edit: Thanks Brophy... I changed it and it works now.
  12. I will post some code after some time, as I am having waayyy too much fun figuring it out by myself For anyone who is interested in what I have worked out so far: follow my www link.
  13. I am at the point where a lot is running, and it goes ok. But with many people online the scripts are lagging. Can scripts lag less by making the code faster ? One thing is that I wrote a part not using alias but withtin the command structure. Will it help if I movethis to aliases ? If anyone wants to look at what I made and can improve performance it would help me
  14. TheShadow

    Help !

    That is not a script command, it was a bot that some servers use to spawn vehicles.. It has nothing with mtama scripting Sorry for misunderstanding. I was referring to the way people ask for scripts.
  15. TheShadow

    Help !

    What to search for: - download Mta:MA - download Mta:Ma GRS script - download GRS RPG script. Put it on your server and then start understanding and reading the scripts. Then change and make your own. If you are stuck or they don't work, ask here. !giveme script does not work
  16. TheShadow

    police car

    Thanks. Does it matter if the signal is repeated in multiple script files, as I am trying to develop by splitting up the subprojects.
  17. TheShadow

    police car

    I tried this to creat this one, but I could not get it to work. Must be something in my scripts. the on *:SIGNAL:mta.enter command seems not to work at all, if I delete all lines and put mta.say $1 Welcome nothing happens when entering a car. Any clues ?
  18. I have made progress on finding the reason why the scripts close with CRC error. When a player joins from a connection with a strict firewall (and probably proxy as well) it causes a crash of scripts because of CRC error. I came across this because while testing I connected in this way. By loading the scripts one by one I found that the MTA:MA GRS is the one that causes the crash. MTA:MA and my own coding continue running when I join from behind a strict firewall. I suspect the DNS resolving to cause the problem, if I get it fixed I will tell. If anyone already fixed this, help (post or PM) is appreciated.
  19. I am running MTA:MA 3.24 and GRS script on a server for MTA 0.5:VC, these files have not been changed in any way (yet ). When some players (unknown ones) join I get a CRC failed error and have to restart the scripts. With other players nothing happens. Questions: 1. Can the script crash be caused because people are running mIRC or some other IRC (like they might have their own server ) 2. Will it be solved by setting the listen port ? 3. Is it possible to make the script restarts automatic ? 4. Will it help to remove the CRC check (I will find out how to do it myself ) I want the scripts to be up 24/7 tell me if there is aa way to avoid them from stopping.
  20. Thanks. By putting the command in to the Jax & Oli RPG script it worked, but it is easy to develop scripts in standalone files without the chance making the rest not work The easy stuff is going well, once I get to the complicated things I will be back. PS: to Oli and others : I hope you don't mind me using your basics, I do leave the credit to your work in place.
  21. I am stuck at the first thing. Server is up and running, Mta:MA is up and running, GRS is working fine. Now here it comes. am using the time example I found here Saved it in a file clock.mrc When I load this file and type the command.....nothing happens. I tried loading it in MTA:Ma, with and without the GRS running, and tried to load it as personal script in GRS. Unloaded it from other places before loading. Why is the command not working ?
  22. TheShadow

    Another noob

    Hi all, Thanks for all you guys put here on the site. I am new to scripting but not to programming so I guess I will be able to find out some things by myself. The next couple of days I will spend reading to avoid asking the same questions that others have done already After that I will be making my own ideas and I expect them to work all in one time (yeah sure ). Well if they do not I know where to ask help. If you dont want me to ask any questions on why it is not working, send me all your scripts now. Like that is really going to happen
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