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  1. Cesar

    Error 0-28#

    I Will try and try!
  2. Cesar

    Error 0-28#

    I what do I hate these kind of guys... If you would have READ, and THOUGHT, you'd KNOW that there's no real solution to this problem right now! Everybody DOES care, it's just a problem that it's a problem at the moment that is very difficult to solve! By the way, do you have a wireless modem? If so, I'd recommend putting the wire in... I have wireless router! but i use the cable!
  3. Cesar

    Error 0-28#

    Many of us have this problem including me! no one cares! - see the first post in this thread:
  4. Cesar

    Error 0-28#

    i don't have anti-virus or spyware or these king of programs, but how comes I'm playing another online games even bigger 8 times than MTA. like WoW and others and don't have problems with pings and connection!
  5. Cesar

    Error 0-28#

    bu the server is disconnected few seconds after getting the resources download page.
  6. no sense! i have no anti virus and no firewall
  7. Hey Guys, I want to ask if there's any , solution for this annoying problem? Error 0-28#, no one is helping here!, I Don't have firewall or antivirus on!
  8. Same as my problem, that's happen 90% of connecting times!
  9. but he must have another account! i don't want o share my stats with him! cuase he's going to play on my second PC
  10. Hello, I've already got the MTA:SA DM i made my account through the installer then i've connected to my account in the installer and everything is going good i can connect and play! But Now i want to make new account for my brother so i'm reinstalling MTA:SA but i'm getting this error message! http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/6091/michaelhayeknk7.png Please help me how to fix this problem
  11. ..::Multi Theft Auto::.. [The Best Multiplayer...] http://pimps-clan.110mb.com/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewtopic&forum_id=4&thread_id=5
  12. cice one ol skool ))))))))))))
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