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  1. Is it posible to implante in the next mta te following: - Define the time for a ban in days - Define the time for a kick in minutes - Define the ban reason - Define the kick reason Maybe with the following rcon commands: rcon ban rcon kick It would be nice if this can be implanted.
  2. Ewoud

    Banned by a Hacker :(

    Is this not a big problem for the mta team. A hacker/cheater can login to admin level... I have seen a lot of cheaters in the server when i am admin in. But never seen one to login on admin level.
  3. I think you meen in your code instead of 3600 you meant 600 for 10 minutes. Edit: Ahhh you mean infinete in your code i think
  4. Ewoud

    Look what i found!!!

    Do you know with day it is saterday? Probely a joke....
  5. I only have this error with a No CD Crack, so i still must use the dvd.
  6. Must be: # Admin # Required: Yes # Purpose: Defines all the people in-server who can rcon_login to admin # Format - Admin # Notes: # admin-level must not go above 5 # Names and passwords are case sensitive Admin KaMiKaZe 1234 5 # RCON # Required: Yes # Purpose: Defines the admin level for . If this is not specified it is defaulted # Format - RCON # Notes: # must be between 1 and 5. If it is invalid, the level is defaulted RCON kick 4 RCON ban 4 RCON mute 2 RCON unmute 2 Whitout #
  7. Ewoud

    Mouse Trap

    Very good idee. Gonne work on that!
  8. Start GTA: San Andreas. (Not MTA: SA) Set all your grafix setting in the to low. And you frame rate to a fixed frame rate. I had also in the beginning some lag. And i always play high in the singe player. But this is the trick against some lag. BTW. do you have a good, fast and stable internet connection?
  9. I aggree with this. It's very frustating. Have this problem also a lot. Maybe a xtra window where you can vieuw the maps.
  10. I was sick the last days so i not yet saw the new versions. So i don't know if it already build in. I still living in the 1.0 version
  11. Thank you that you agree with this idee, i hope i see this function soon.
  12. A thing what is always have is when i log in on the admin in the server people right a way gonne say Boot another map, This one is boring get a other map . Can you not make a rcon command like this. rcon_login_anom So you can kind login with a different name. Of course there must be none notification in the textbox and the console. And a nice feauture is that people not can see that you are kicking or bansomebody. Not everyone have to know it what you are doing. Specialy i prefer the anomynos log in. Hope other people join my opinon. Ewoud
  13. This is great. Gonne download it right now. I can also see wat i must ajust on my generator.
  14. Ewoud

    Mouse Trap

    My new map is a pretty simple map but fun. A city is sealed so you can't go out. There all mouses(the motors) in the map and there are 4 cat's. The cat's driving a tank, a hunter, a sparrow and a hydra. They must destroy the mouses. If all the mouses are dead the cat's can hunt there self. 32 spawnpoints. Location: PALOMINO CREEK http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=2763
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