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  1. Is it possible to have DM and Race installed at the same time? Most of my friends play DM but i like racing more... so i want both
  2. OK here can you see how good the selling of PS3, XboX 360, Wii. ---> http://nexgenwars.com/ Who will win, YOU deside It is a good Site ^^ I do have it on Favorites. PS: It is live so you dont need to update site every time! Using a site that uses estimates as a valid source is a terrible idea... Anyway, on topic... I already got my PS3 to play GTA IV I still have MTA SA installed but i don't play it much, just a few times a month.
  3. I like: The original Destruction Derby, that one is the best... I remember when MTA was released, we played that map on a server for like 15 times in a row.... Break, pretty cool and simple. I don't know the name of this map, its something like break but instead of those models, they use windows. I made a copy of that map cause i couldn't find it but my version is crappy. So... i like DMs, max size: something like the original Destruction Derby, minimum: really small!
  4. January 21. I think thats the day MTA Race mod came out. I'm guessing it will come out the same day.
  5. Kamahl

    MTA Christmas movie!

    Awesome christmas present!!!!!
  6. i think it would be nice to see both versions DM and Race on the same browser and then choose, and maybe some mixed servers, race and DM in 1.
  7. oh well, i guess we can all live with that, you already made the hard part! entrances and exits wont take as much time as the whole thing.
  8. got a better idea download the map so you can get all the pics you want http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=4638 BTW, dont expect it to be perfect cause everything is hand made.
  9. check the entrance and exit, is something like that possible?
  10. to be honest, i dont understand how to use this... i guess i'll be doing loops the old way.
  11. i hope it comes for christmas... but i wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt ready for christmas... As long as the mod does come out, ill be happy and lot at the pic
  12. oh... i thought it would be the same...
  13. the blue bar on the right top is something like a speed o meter.
  14. Im hoping that it will be our christmas present!
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