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  2. LEARN HOW TO SCRIPT! F-->U-->C-->K-->I-->N-->G -->P-->R-->I-->C-->K
  3. JamesCai

    Blue for VC

    pointless topic, W-->A-->N-->K-->E-->R
  4. shut your pie hole! and get back to playing ankeborg!
  5. thx brophy you F---->U---->C--->K>>>>I>>N>>>G RETARD!
  6. You're absolutely right. It's taking far too long and I think we should give you a refund of the money that you paid for the mod. ZOMFGZ YOU ARE Z LIEK TAKIN 2 LANG ON THIS M09D THINGZ !! ZOMG!!GFDGFD TI THINK IM SEZUIRIN AT THE ANGER yes.. you are taking to long, if you cant make a good mod fast enough then dont, instead of talking on the forum make the mod you fucking retards your taking to long, im the customer, and im ordering you all to hurry up and you should do what i say YOU FUCKING IDIOTS HURRY UP! ITS A DEMAND! I HAVE MORE RIGHT THAN THE MAKERS TO SAY HURRRRRRY THE FUCK YOU UP
  7. WELL I AM DEMANDING THEM TO GIVE THE FULL DM MOD! hurry the fuck up ffs how many centuries do you want to take MTA team, were the public someone should stand up and say YOU ARE TAKING TO LONG HURRY UP NOW AND THATS AN ORDER!
  8. sorry sorry what i meant to say was, where all the guns (weapons) spawns are
  9. Is it possible for someone to tell me where I can find a map or a big text list of where ALL the spawn points are in MTA, as I cannot find one..
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