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  1. As the title says, almost all time, when changing radio, the name doesn't show!
  2. I noticed this bug yesterday. I saw someone suicide inside a car and his body got stuck under the car. I drived the car with the body visible under the car
  3. I ain't reading that, so STFU. They said they won't release it.
  4. C'mon it's been months sinse it's down!!! Repair it alredy!!! WE NEED IT!!!!! WE NEED IT!!!!! Or at least make a simple page so we can download maps!
  5. kimd41

    DD maps.

    Can we post them here?
  6. Same here. I can't afford a $600 console for a game or two.
  7. Will some maps posted here be included with MTADM 0.1?
  8. kimd41


    Does anyone know a server where I can find hidra stunters or a server that has freeroam with hidra?
  9. My bad it cutted and when I was on the roof I saw that it's stopped and pressed to record again @Ace: I can't understand what you really want to say me but: 1. Was because crashed 2. Map loading problem 3. Cutted at a land because I needed to go for a job and after that continued at same place. But at least you can see it's pretty possible to finish the map
  10. Hi! The other day I was playing on littlewhitey's mta server and Cyngus asked me if I was the creator of the map and that it's too hard to complete. I said I will try to make a video so here it is! NOTE1: Sorry for cuts, I don't have registered version of Fraps so it cuts every 30 seconds and I need to press the record button again. NOTE2: Sorry for a map reload, as you can see in the video a part was missing. NOTE3: Sorry for the crap music. I've deleted my albums when reinstalling windows. SO here it is! Enjoy! If you want to give a try to one of the hardest map in MTa search in the map center 'Kimdsvettehard' or kimd41 and select the map. -kimd41
  11. kimd41


    Do you want another Pokys_Revenge style map? This this! It doesn't have deathmatch area sorry. It's 100% possible to complete the map. Thanks to Porkus_Gangster for some tips. Here it is: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=3307 Comments please.
  12. Same problem here. Single player - OK MTA:SA V1 - OK MTA:SA V1.1 - Not Working Maybe they forgot something? Like a line like start=gta_sa.exe?
  13. OK, this thing is bitching me! OK, I type this: C\Documentsandsettings\HP_Propietario\map2ipl\map2ipl C\Documentsandsettings\HP_Propietario\map2ipl\myrace.map C\Documentsandsetting\HP_Propietario\dest\newmap.ipl So it says: Converting... *and crashes. ' error with map2ipl and needs to be closed'* I have everything right. I have: Windows XP Home Edition NVidia GeForce 6600 2Gb RAM Intel Pentium 4[/code]
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