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  1. snakie


    hey i wanna Request Serial username is victor i make new topic because the other was locked thx
  2. hmm i go for gta 4 and if mta sa dm comes on the same time as gta 4 than i think only 5 a 10 % of the ppl are going 2 play mta sa dm because it takes 2 long with it and every one is playing other and better games
  3. well i pay nothing first of all it takes 2 long before releasing second they put thinks in the first release of what i think it better can be put in the future releases of mta sa dm
  4. what kind of os do u use win xp or vista??
  5. Blame the players, not the mod . WHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO lol yeah the most of the players are lagging but the mod is really crap 2 because the most of the weps don't work from a few meters and the sync is in 15 mins of playing already gone
  6. try reinstalling gta vc and ur mta .. or try other cd crack
  7. try 2 reinstall mta or something because i can play mta 0.5 @ vista but mta:ra race don't work on vista
  8. snakie

    im new plz help

    try 2 reinstall GTA 3 and MTA
  9. snakie

    MTA at x64?

    no mta sa race don't come for windows vista before mta sa dm is released i think
  10. try all seeing eye to get the server list of mta vc
  11. well u can play mta 0.5 @ windows vista but mta sa race can't be played on windows vista atm
  12. snakie

    IS IT A BUG?

    mayby u have to reinstall ur vice city and delete all the folders of it and if that wont word u better can reinstall ur windows
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