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  1. are there going to be normal people (no CJ but civilians)
  2. One flag in LV the other in LS
  3. can't wait, i'm getting bored with races now
  4. there are number of maps who have police chases but you only can destroy a ''bad guys'' car when you bump into them. So it could be better when you have another player in the same car who is shooting the ''bad guy''
  5. A while ago I was playing another Dogfight and i noticed that when your not fast enough or just not lucky you get shot when your plane/chopper is still on the ground. Other people who are comming in the server while there's a fight going on have to wait till the end of the fight and believe me this is very annoying with freeroam. You can restart and restart but that's very annoying to for the players who are already playing. So my question/request was if there could be a spawn time so that everyone can join after several seconds/minutes. greetings Drawcansir
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