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  1. yea well, some people with amd chips (seems that its just k7) also have problems
  2. wat0n


    bah i thought it would be the drive-by with aim (as he mentioned the missions ...)
  3. wat0n


    how can u do drive bys in sp? (and i dont mean getting on a car's roof)
  4. which graphic card u got? a 256mb fx5200?
  5. so you mean that all players are on cars and if they crash on a car then its like they have captured the car or you mean that players must trry to jack a car off? (sorry, english is not my mother tongue ) if it's the second one, what would happen if the car explodes? and if instead of capturing a car, players would have to capture a bike?
  6. wat0n

    TAB button

    i think it would be better if you changed the button for that, so we can minimize when we watch (especially for long races)
  7. only 1 suggestion (also applies for DM mode) vote kick, so people can kick a cheater if admins are not there admins wouldnt be able to get kicked and it sohuld be enabled and disabled and have its radio in the server's config file, though
  8. well, ppl will be able to make there own mods when SDK comes out and you could make ur owns map, like snipers DM or stuff like that
  9. will we be able to use any weapons (or include any weapon in the map editor), or some weapons will be taken out? (would understand if machineguns are out, even though i dont agree with that) would be great to play some map with snipers around
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