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  1. when i double click the installer it says, "could not intialized installation. file size expected=5306360, size returned=105355."
  2. i have downloaded like 4 mods that i want, all with installers but when i firect it to the gta folder it says-- path to gta3 invalid, please enter correct path
  3. sorry, i was doin other stuff while typing so... i got the spooky's IMG tool to install some mods (the highway one, the raod pack and the stunt park) but i cant get it to work, i dont know where to put the things. btw i think i mite have the beta version cuz i got it from kazaa
  4. i downlaoded the spookys mod thing to install sum mods but i cant get it tite can sum1 walk me thru it
  5. i just downloaded it and i cant get it to work, i downlaoded my copy of gta of kazaa and i kno where the folder and everything is. the game works but when i click the gta3mta icon it says like it is not a winzip file or sumtin gay so i tried putting it in the gta folder and starting the game and it dosnt show up on the game mian menu
  6. sandstorm, i know see ur full of crap. 1. tha site didnt work. 2. a totally online gta, online only? and they anounced this so close to early. -- ithought you ment their was a online capability to san andreas which even is hard to beiveve considering what stage the gta team is at in making the game. im not saying san andreas wont have a online play i think it will, but a gta online only? that isnt compleaty unbeleiveable but i doubt that R* would annoce the makings of 3 gta games at once.
  7. it sound like it ashard as hell to log on? we have to remember ip addresses and then get in one type of car b4 playing? is it hell logging on or not so bad, (i anit downloaded until .3 is out)
  8. does the download com with gta for pc or do u need it (i have it can i download a version with only the crack so it dont take a friggin year)
  9. how is the quality, and if u were ble to do this y arnt u selling it also y isnt it all over the internet? (like y isnt it on every gta page, ive seen it on 1 but he said he dun kno if it works)
  10. this cant be real. y arnt u selling it, y isnt it al over the internet?
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