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  1. oups... is it possible to share like a gtagarage exe link ? + a discord ? "howto" ?
  2. files needed > (link removed by forum moderation) information removed by Forum moderation
  3. hey mate, i understand, i edited my post. i'll just add mta vc installer, feel free to come play time to time ?
  4. hey, i fought hard !!! plz join me : (how-to) discord > https://discord.gg/fHmHVk it's another new discord :) files needed > (link removed by forum moderation) if u got retail vice city, use this link for MTA : Win32 Client (Installer): http://www.projectredivivus.com/files/mta05r2/mta05r2_full_installer.exe then, and in mtaclient.exe choose 1.1 like this : then connect to : ip > port > 2003 then "start game". _ long nights passed, i hope we will play again the server is stunt or deathmatch/fun... MY STEAM NICK NAME : add me on steam friends "Chr1sMK2", and write it's for mta in my profile & i accept friend. ==== enjoy ?
  5. hi ! is there a MTA:MA for mta 0.6 ? tried mtama 0.3 but can't connect to server
  6. mta 0.6 & GOOD 1.0 EXE downloads : u need retail vice city, steam crashes, search the net... come play
  7. hey,? here is the server ip : add me on steam friends "Chr1sMK2", and write it's for mta in my profile & i accept friend. i'm also on REDIVIVUS discord : https://discord.com/invite/8HQsstd seeya
  8. hi, how to spawn cars ? where to find good old scripts ?
  9. pb solved using this exe : https://www.moddb.com/addons/gta-vice-city-patch-for-no-cd-v10
  10. hi, i use mta vc 0.6 nightly 1, copied GXT , retail euro 1.0... how to fix ?
  11. add me on steam "Chr1sMK2" sry for double post, comon' !! sent PM you
  12. mate, a created this group by enthusiasm for 0.6 (and r52 too..), as old player MTA 3 & VC.. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MTAVC to let people interested sub,...... ==========>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SugarD-x i give you the group + full admin ofc... (i just want to play on VICE CITY alone n/o with you people but Online !!!) + add me nickname as what u want lol.... player/in group for example.... tell me if ok, or if i cancel the steam group but we need players on 1,2 servers....... (3)
  13. awesome ! i very languish test server, remember good old times bank robbery , cops n robbers, fun...
  14. lol i remember when on GTA3.... i was using cheat "smoke cigarette" + "car on water" CHEATS together to have phjun in MTA:VC....... (and kicked for 5 minutes...) i tried to put 2000$ at bank also , but a jacker stoled me it.... THUG WAS CHEATED............. (i needed script for food restaurant a,nd so...) :OK/ i was the server owner of "cheaters' welcome" on GTA SA... for one night of fury, jet packs + snipers on .
  15. i know /Mta san andreas.exe creates "interferences" in the GTA_SA.exe.. as when i alt-tab it does not show "gta sans andreas" but "MTA : san dreas" on toolbar.. as both mta exe & gta_sa exe works in task mgr.. i gonna try "process explorer".exe to see what dependances got those 2 files and the lil 2 windows that appens at MTA lunch (before gta_sa exe excute..). i gonna INVESTIGATE if u can help th'oo.... please ?
  16. hi Woovie thx for answer)..... for di and xinput i know but.. i have a 42' LCD TV and the x360 pad.. so i use xpadder and my pad like a mouse for windows.. all my games are configured to gamepad. in fact i don't touch the mouse + keyboard anymore except for working. so i would like to use xpadder in SET 1 (mouse controls/mouse profile set) and set 2 (joypad controls/empty xpadder profile). for keyboard i use my iphone with a VNC server. (mouse set to accept mission with mouse in RP server.... and joypad set to play...) but everytime MTA menu appears, xpadder switchback from MTA profile to windows profile. i tried on a local server too. need help plz. edit: i posted here coz i think it's more a mta "interface" issues than xpadder issue as i have this pb only with MTA i have both gta_sa and mta EXE's configured in xpadder autoprofile. edit: it works only if i switch xpadder profile manually but wont work with xpadder autoprofile EXE detection.
  17. hello all ! i have a problem with xpadder : i configured mta exe and gta exe as auto profile in xpadder, but it always switch back to default win profile after launching mta. plz help.
  18. ye... u can run a "gta-vc1.1.exe" and also a "gta vc 2.0.exe" for solo...(in the gta folder/) u just need to add shortcuts to dersktop if u want... edit: àof course i talk about steam version but i see no reason it wont work on retail Vice city folder... edit2: i used 5$ for all gta from to san andreas , viva steam ! also got GTAIV (huh..) on PS3 but it is not charismùatic... (multi is fun through..) edit3: loved the bank hack mission on IV <3 it can keep you 30-45 minutes for getting "fine".............
  19. would be fine if u got same SA client:"blue" for VC... i see (always) a Argonauth 1/12 players with ASE (wich dsont exist anymore...) so why not a new host..
  20. hi dude ! i did not understanding well coz im not english im french ^^ when i go in steamapps/gta/ .. i can run both GTA-VC.EXE from there (if they 1.1 or 2.0), normally it should work too. i heard someone got same pb... he tried "differents EXE" from a site (google somethink), and in effect he has on ly 1 EXE running well from 10 differents. so i dunno and can't tell which one will work for you as i got the steam version, european maybe... no ! i DLed the classic MATVC 1.1 blood exe and it is not a steam exe. the pb i encountered are : -when loading a random 100 % savegames , i (de) oops... i Activated frame limiter in video options. -when loading a 2.0 patch savegames on a 1.1 exe, i got black screen locked on "loading". but if u "campaign" gta , jus(t run the steam 2.0 exe. and if u play MTA, u replace the steam exe (make a copy-paste..) by the one "classic (or steam)" 1.1 blood exe. that works fine for me. with classic 1.1
  21. yeah i also noticed that exe (that i never directly launched.....) (i know the why ...) "for the executables for steam version" -------------> i saw there was some EXE and savegames "ONLY FOR STEAM". i don'"t care since i got the classic 1.1 blood exe (on steam) .
  22. i think nothing but the exe... all the rest seems to be data, configs (handling, etc...). as u know the patch program patch only the exe. so no matter to revert back to 1.1 blood (and MTA), except if u already far in the game steam version.... in any case, in all manner.. u can ever swap the exe... one for MTA one for GTA.
  23. yes i replaced the gta-vc.exe from steam (2.0 ?) by a 1.1 exe (+blood)... but u got to restart the game becoze i think the savegames are not "retro-compatible".. btw, everytimes i launch VC on steam it does not patch the game. so all right !
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