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  1. No problem, don't worry about it x] Hey, can I get a "MTA Supporter" status instead of that boring Regular?
  2. It's a thing I allways wanted to ask and I'm too lazy to create a new topic, so: I remember in MTA:VC the handling of grenades was changed, to the better state in my opinion. In single player, the grenades are thrown very slow and more to the height, not to the distance. But in MTA:VC the grenades were made somehow to throw a lot faster, the animation was different if I remember correctly, and it was more to the distance then to the height. Eh, so confusing with my weird English knowledge. Hope you got what I explained. Anyway, my question is, is something like that made to the MTA SA DM?
  3. NeDizZ

    Happy B-Day OLI!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Well yeah, somewhere I've read Russian, somewhere Estonian. His accent seems more like Russian tho. But if he's Estonian, that's also great, because Estonia is only few hundred kilometers from Lithuania, so that makes me feel like the protagonist is like my neighbour ;]]
  5. Great trailer! I just love the new russian character!
  6. Had that problem, it disappeared after I reinstalled windows.
  7. Well, I'm actually one of the good guys. He sure does look like stupid and his bad english is weird. I think his behaviour pissed off not only me. Maybe I should've just ignored him, but it sure was fun - making fun out of him and playing around. Whatever, he's "gone", so I guess that isn't important anymore. However, if you, zion, decide to, uh, stay, I, uh, uhm, eh, I guess I'll try to love you, uugh..
  8. Before you leave, there is one last question I want to ask ya: What's your iq?
  9. NeDizZ


    Nah, Ransom already said it'll be out before 6 October (cookies to Talas for doing the maths) ;D
  10. NeDizZ


    Naah, it wouldn't look prestigious. The ones who not only visit the news part of the website get a credit.
  11. Hey Palster, nice idea trying to revive the MTA:VC communtiy a bit. I'll ask my mate, if he's up for it, then we'll join. Anyway, good luck with this one and I hope there will be people interested. Cheers!
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