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  1. K dude but dont u think STFU word is little abusive for a moderator? but anyways regarding clan buisness , ok how and where do u signup for clan membership?
  2. Am I right or what? Yes ur right , how did u know that it would suck as gamefreak said?
  3. god4u

    {VCL} Closed!

    thats called a hax bot OOH so ur a hacker ur self too , cause i just heard of this term from u, never knew what that hack was called. Amazing.
  4. So are u 12 ? and the solution is no u dont run through mta get mirc installed run aerons script than load those rpg's via script load option .
  5. Yup its a fun place for all hackers and glitchers , so those how do any of those head towards that server , cause the admin there is either gay or dumb and doesnt care if someone glitches or hacks its one and the same thing to him and enjoys that himself too.
  6. god4u

    [HB] - HackBusters™

    LOL or maybe show them his nude pics lol and torture them with those pictures.
  7. Get ur firewall to unblock the client for gods sake. Its ur firewall problem and no other reason. OH by the way shouldnt this topic be trashed as one of the moderators here said this : Topic Link : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=13587 So , lets see if the moderators can keep there words here.
  8. Lol u crazy dude , read what he wrote he is logged in as root , and if a host doesnt give exec right to a root , than that is the suckiest host i seen so dude change ur hoster if ur not root . to find out what is ur designation type : whoami on the screen. Or try to login as superuser , maybe that will let us know if ur really root and owner . if still having problem pm me, i get ur server runnning/
  9. Sorry to disappoint u but that aint gonaa happen, cause i think they are bit lazy or something , cause they said they will release a new version for 0.5 to fix all the bugs that were created in 0.5 but just avoided it saying they are working on blue. Now they even removed the progress bar from main site. So dont know what is going on , so dont keep ur hopes too high, u might get disappointed in the end.
  10. Hey some moderator turned a general topic into trash , nice going. Is there no way that someone can express what he thinks about the things going on here? anwyas You really wish that i had edited the chat log, but sorry to disappoint u i didnt. Lol nice RPG i have to say again where ur not allowed to kill anyone u like . ROFLMAO . Kids would play that kind of kiddie rpg, so am guessing ur 12 or 14 or just missing some hemisphere of ur brain . Please Moderators , dont trash topics which are good for public use and knowledge it disappoints mta fans like me , hey, but dont bother about ban and stuff like that , its my 10th useraccount here Sorry to disappoint all moderators and admins , but a better ban is needed. . So i continue on and on like Duracell Battery, or is that ad for energizer battery? Oh for those who are new to this topic the topic been talked about is this: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=13512 Yawn. I feel sleepy so i go to bed now.
  11. god4u

    -RB- Clan Recruiting

    The point was that suppose if someone wants to join them, where do they aplly as they dont have a site, they dont have a server. So how to contact them? and that clan is only about revenge i can see , so i doubt it will go far.
  12. god4u

    -RB- Clan Recruiting

    Hmm ok what if someone wants to join o say mr hacker wants to join... What shall he do? Which site to go to apply? Which server to go to to play on ? Who is the leader again? Will he be banned for his hacks? how to tell if the new member is not hardcore hacker? Where am i ? Do u need good luck? Do u need to get a life? ARe u 12? Who can join and who cannot join? Any rules or just pure ruleless clan? Clan only about taking revenge , where is the friendship part? Why u need members ASAP cant they be delayed , cause most postal systems are slow these days as i packed some players for u , did u get them? And is this the way to reqruit members? Shouldnt those interested instead ask you to allow them to be in clan? How many questions do u now have to answere? Need more questions? Do i really need to say good bye?
  13. Sorry to disappoint MTA players out there but he is still ruining the fun for everyone by playing . May god put some sense into him . If not i will try lol .....
  14. Baah goes to sleeppppppp////
  15. Admins on RPG servers suck ;f ahahhahaha true that! especially that gay-ass "akebogr" w/e the hell its called... some fools attack you and you pwn them all and you get kicked or "temp-banned" for "killing withouta reason".... even when you explain it was for a reason, the queer doesn't get it... ps: i didn't see the word "server" when i voted, pretend one of those no's was a yes. Yes dude that is the suckiest rpg server ever seen in the history of MTA he distoryed the meaning of RPG ... LOL u have to beg people to get out of car to kill them or arrest them else you get kicked for killing without permission or if ur cop u killed cop your banned. LOL someone tell that due to grow some brains. And most admins are not like him (dumb) . There are some good server where admins are really cool. TTH , SkullBreakers , ULK etc... But would say that some admins like for KFC , bTK , anebrog etc. really need to take a hike and stop abusing there rights. And been an admin is a pain in the a.s.s if u ask, that is the option u missed so my vote goes to the missing option: Been and Admin is a Pain in the A.S.S.
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