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  1. how do u port forward mtasa anyway and how did u get the remote client to eventually work???
  2. meh, i think i'll just give up on the scripting 4 now till mta blue comes out, hopefully be easier 2 set up on dat instead...
  3. so then does this mean that no 1 has an answer 4 the problem i have 4 the scripts
  4. im positive it's running the server patch i have even shown it where the patch can be found through the Multi Theft Auto mIRC Admin options. Oh and by the way {KoQ}ZrB1aN i decided 2 add bunny into my sig.
  5. Well i tried looking 4 the answers through the add ons section and searching through other websites 2 fix my prob...but i keep coming accross the same answers and none of them are working. Ive tried reinstalling MTA:MA and other scripting files, ive had my firewall turned off, i updated MTAServer, hell ive even tried reinstalling mIRC and MTA 2 see if that would fix the prob but none of them are working.
  6. Ok i got the admin client running from mIRC so y is it that when i g2 connect my server it disconnects and says it sent but didnt recieve P.S Maybe i am 12
  7. yea i do but how do i get it running through MTA once ive put them in the mIRC directory
  8. Ok well i did find some scripts but it leads me 2 my next question. It dosnt tell u where 2 put the .mrc files.....................do u no where 2 put them
  9. Does any1 no how 2 make a RPG server in MTA :shock: :shock:
  10. Hi im like kinda new 2 the pawning world of MTA and have also only just heard that they are planning 2 releash MTA:San Andreas and wish 2 know as much as MTA is good has the development team eva considered putting missions within the game. I mean imagine how cool it would be if you could kill whoeva you want when ever you want while playing a mission with your m8. The only thing i can see holding the development team back is the amount of laaaaaaaaaaag one would recieve from having so many actions and people on the game.
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