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  1. the most payers ive had in a game ALL working at a time is atleast 30 i was quite amazed
  2. where do you get the trainer with the jump jet option?
  3. I have a online friend that started a server and we had atleast 25 players in there actually doing stuff... only server that happened on tho...
  4. can someone be kind enough to tell me what exact tools and or prorams i need to edit the Main.scm? I would be EXTREMELY greatful. Thanks.
  5. It's not o cheat ... did uh... did i uh, did i post that? NAH!! couldnt have been me...
  6. It's amazing how many people DON'T know about the running trick... Well i have a solution for you people that like to run, here goes nothing... releasing it to everyone... may the world know. While running, don't HOLD down your run key, instead tap it... don't tap it fast but at a good rate. This trick will allow you to run, not at full speed but pretty close, for practically ever. This trick also works in PS2 version and VC on PS2, it's kinda fixed for VC on PC but it still lets you run for a longer amount of time. Happy Cheating
  7. well they dont even need a configurable option... just a feature that you can join from same IPs... im sure that it will be possible in later versions i hope
  8. it seems that when my brother (on network) joins a server, then I join a server he is then kicked from it... when he tries to rejoin I am then kicked. Would it be possible for the same IP address to join a server in later versions?? PLEASE!?! or is there a way around this issue? dont be stupid either...


    its due to lag and if youve been playing vice city... it is crappier than vice city, thats what you might be noticing
  10. by any chance can we KNOW what this bug actually is... is it the bug that is disconnecting us or what?
  11. sorry i dont have time to read the whole post but you said Traffic was under the things that didnt make it... what does that mean that traffic isnt synchronized? CANT WAIT!! GOOD WORK MTA Team i expect that when i come home from skool tomarrow that there will be a new item in the downloads section
  12. you need visual basic 6 to edit it... not exactly a program you can send through e-mail you best bet is probably kazaa but you can also buy it to but thats if ur rich...
  13. im perty sure he has found stuff on his own but was wondering if anyone here had found a better one for it... people on this forum need to lighten up, sheesh
  14. the question is biased considering the fact that one isnt even out yet...
  15. I got a few things to say, 1. In the United States of America you are allowed by FEDERAL law to have 1 copy of the cd as long as you OWN the original. 2. Try to stay away from downloading the myth rip if you can... i downloaded something disguised as the GTA3 myth rip and it ended up being a nasty virus that Norton did pick up 3. Everyone is making it sound to difficult, http://www.megagames.com has great NO cd cracks and trainers for just about every game out there... so go check it out. I have had MUCH luck with that website and now that VC is out, they already ahve a no cd crack for it
  16. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just checked on the time for the beta test and it just happens to fall in the 2 hours that im at church... could you delay it an hour? BTW for anyone living in United States of America, its about a 9 or 10 hour difference (i think) please correct me if im wrong
  17. THANK YOU xerox i was getting a little worried there. Thanks Blokker but you just make me go check my map huh... thanx BLOKKER RULES!!!! Of course then again the whole MTA team RULES!!!!
  18. ok ill admit... im stupid, and lazy... what does CET mean? cuz i REALLY wanna do this... ive been waiting for this for, uhhh, uhhhhhh, way to long and i got another stupid question... is that an IRC channel that i need to join? if so, how do i join it? told ya im stupid BUT! only when it comes to IRC channels, simply because ive never used them before and no i dont care about half life 2
  19. Ya nice of you to point that out to the moderators but im sure that GTA3AM is MTA because MTAs website used to be, http://www.gta3am.tk Infact if you put in http://www.gta3am.tk it will tell you to come here.
  20. Well 56k on 0.2 would be so laggy it wouldn't be worth it. Your best bet is to wait until 0.3b comes out with it's nifty new netcode. But if you did set up a LAN and play with someone on LAN then you probably want at least 128 mb of ram, and 1.0 ghz of processor speed, and maybe 32 mb of video ram, it will still be laggy but that will get the job done.
  21. Jeez Ark Of Thought lighten up... Oyst is right I'm not coming in here and giving orders, I know damn well that the MTA team is working very hard at getting this mod ready for us and I am just insanly excited that a GTA3 multiplayer mod, will actually work. And might I add that the MTA team, in my veiw, can take as long as they please, as long as it eventually comes out.
  22. All you guys working on this project are the best people on the planet! (cept me ) I just can't wait 'till this mod is done, SO HURRY UP!! Please?
  23. doesnt work for me so its not only newbinator
  24. i have a question... How did you make the movie? by that i mean what program(s) did you use? I would REALLY like to know.
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