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  1. But atleast you shouldn't be able to change any guns and have alot of ammo, else you should be able to but then you whould use your current primary weaponds (just as in CS matches) you should also be able to have a secondary and thats small guns
  2. I like the idea, especially that you can't see where the enemies are in the blips and that there is a sniper from every team, I think also that they shouldn't be able to trade or pickup any weapons as they kill. They can only have the weapons they've chosen but with alot of bullets. I think also that you shouldn't atack a certain area and battle it out, I think that you should ither split up with your team or walk with them to try find the enemies in the whole map (something like CS matches, you don't know where they are in the map and thats more fun than knowing), that makes it even more fun than going up somewhere knowing they're infront or behind you. Yes it can be hard to not spawn at same area if you don't know where the enemies spawn, but you could make a script that makes each team spawn in diffrent places. Eg let's say VCK choses Blue team and KFC choses Red team then the script will make that they spawn at diffrent places, then when a team has all died then all will spawn again but in diffrent places and you could only see the color of your team in the blips.
  3. Bots are included within the game and isin't any server connections, so I doubt it will take much or any at all of the server bandwidth. It will only take the amount of bandwidth that the whole map is usually taking from the server to be a part of the game ground. Eg animals, cars, boats, weaponds. All of those are the games bots and included within the game. Well weaponds aren't game bots that does activity but game bots that does activity when you press the button that makes it shot. But you usually call those things that doesn't do any activity until you order them to do so for items.
  4. That's what Omg said anyways:
  5. Everything does die in some point of time, and another thing starts to live. eg this project died, and she started another one.
  6. Btw, I think that I have informed those people, who actually do care about that admins shouldn't abuse. So the thread could be locked now.
  7. No one do, and that's the problem. I know, but I still think the clan leaders shouldn't give immature kids admin right. Their thread seems to be locked, that's why I posted this on a new one. But I know that this wasin't the best thing to do. Actually I'm already over it, But I'm just informing people that the TLR server isin't any fun to be on, unless you like to get banned, kicked, spammed, hacked, glitched and so on. I think it's the other way around, You're a n00b. If we count how many times you got killed and owned. First of all learn to spell, It's called "You can't keep an conversation straight." And second of all, I don't know if that line was meant to me or not but the other lines you wrote was enought to be admin abusing from your side. Yeah it's just a game so why are you getting mad cause you're getting killed? Infact I didn't do anything to him, and you whoulda kicked me too? That really shows how mature you are. Well man I might be cocky but so are you sometimes and you can say the same about yourself cause threads have also been locked after you flamed. So what does that have to do with me being kicked? Cause I didn't even talk to him but got admin abused anyway.
  8. Well I was in the TLR server and just played like normal, and I killed (TLR)Monk a few times then he started to get mad, this log is when i last killed him: Very immature kids are running their server, and I whouldn't trust immature kids of having admin rights, cause most of them are always abusing Ither they are immature or they have anger problems..
  9. I don't say I vote for this one cause I don't like the other guy or something like that it's cause I think it's easly the best. Jayster was easly the best of them, the design and the fonts matched the colors and the image quality was very good and Gamefreeks ones font didn't match that good into the banner.
  10. And you're a modern kid, that calls others for classic. Yes you can, what price can you offer? I don't spam, I just reply back to people that talks about or to me. Why don't you get a life instead of coming here to the forum and bitch to people that havn't said a word to you. Cause I sure as hell didn't talk with you.
  11. And who the hell are you? Who cares about you, I'd say none. I read it and understood it, so how could you know I didn't understood it properly? If that was the case then why did I answer him back stupid. I don't think your english is any better than mine, so why don't you go and take some lessons of your own? Btw your grammar sucks. I don't have any, what's yours? They should know by their own whats joking and whats not. I'm only serious when somebody is serious back, doesn't seem like someone of them are serious , they flame and so do I.
  12. I died once from an explosion, but Jesus healed me so I survived I know that sounds odd but it's true, btw good luck with your gang!
  13. okey, I respect you but not him. But I'll try..
  14. Oh, so others can flame but I can't flame back only cause they get owned in the conversation? And I still don't get what my family has to do with me asking if bump was his grandpa? Gamefreek, please just go to bed. Don't start with your sarcastic things again.
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