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  1. i got something better then C++ its easyer and more basic its easy to begin with just hard to learn coding
  2. please close i downloaded some stuff tryed to make some thing but the thing i make shuts down not even started i think this is too complicated to learn by just wanting... maybe some other time
  3. error thats the best tutorial i was pointed in another forum thats there i got to know some thing but thats for the download didnt have that download link doesnt work!
  4. *bump* the thing is for now i only heard this *C++ exists (lol) *there are a lot of stuff that you need to add like // /* () and more (this is important) and maybe more just i forgot it by now
  5. what is C++ is it completly nothing like just text no dowloading no nothing or is it a program i got to clear things out for my self
  6. I wanna learn C++ stuff can some one help me (dont point to a online tutorial unles it has tons of pictures witch would help me) i just wana get in to coding n stuff it will be very hard it will take a long time to just learn the basics but i will do it one day if i wont give up at first i wana know how to train and beggin
  7. hey if you want a realy happy video then make one about lifting that bus witch was on the random poctures that picture owned so a video would rule it all
  8. Can i just ask for one thing MORE SCREENSHOTS ... please its easy to make one at a play time just im on a big download now and it will be hard for me to download the videos too
  9. how should i know every thing is white there
  10. AmberGhost

    Admin System

    ohh man i finaly got MTA:MA to work and now this download doesnt work
  11. i wonder how much people did obtain a orriginal version maybe 1 or 2 and i borrowd san andreas from a class mate and well its vacation now so i have to wait a long time and siriously i would like to know how many people here have a orriginal version of san andreas not just a CD bought from a ordinary weard shop witch doesnt have a orriginal just a weardo copy
  12. I moded my san andreas and i dont like most of the mods so i want to return every thing the way it was but i didnt make backup and i didnt find any where to download a back up list of files i need: from gta/models GTA3 GTA_int Player i think thats all i moded
  13. Hours of fun...... i just want to know what happened after it tells the story of what the big red button did.... i would wabt to know too but as far as i see it says what it already said i didnt make that button i just found it and it was awsome
  14. hey if you wont people test it then just give us a wrong date like you say it will be in 10 days and it would come out in 5 or just give us the right date of release or atleast the right date of beta release or just leave every thing and make people go nuts abaut it you dont get the idea dont you well you shouldnt just watch this http://www.kontrabandcontent.co.uk/1/graphics/pics/BigRedButton.swf
  15. If it is released witch i dont see what it would so where can i download it i realy want to play and play faster
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