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    field33 dont try to play smarta$$ motherfuka if youre dumb like a hoe
  2. Andy Scott

    My new mouse

    LOL! ME TOO I STOLE THIS LOGITECH FROM THE COMPUTER LAB AND USING IT RIGHT NOW =) lol you have to be nigg3r who stole my bike
  3. fuck you kenny, lamers like you shouldn't play MTA. you make good example of those 'lamers' in community. but it's alright, you've been such a noob all the time I know you. you and your ping 300, please get better connection or better place where to live if you don't want to be kicked. laugh. p.s laugh.
  4. Because it was the only game with community small enough to get noticed. And it was fun.. until 0.5 came out blah blah u get teh idea... 0.5 is the reason mta community died. And talkin about assholes comes from the biggest asshole himself, n1 m8. And if u read my post... whatever... im tired of tards like u. Peace. MTA Team, make a good mod, kthx. It has been public knowledge there isn't so many active players around anymore. Still you shouldn't come here to talk about what you think of this mod because we don't care. How far can you go with your such a stupid flaming? If you don't like this version of MTA then go play pervious, why don't you? This discussion only end at one point: 0.3 > 0.5, I wonder why then everyone are playing 0.5, atleast many of us. Jigga you sound like a great dictator, how dare you ask MTA team to make a better version, it is better than .1 and .2 and etc's. They been working hardly and then such a stupid person come here and starts flaming who even doesn't know thing. Go learn nub.
  5. Andy Scott


    In MTA, a glitch is a term which is used by different players to describe a bug. There is some sort of glitches which are MTA related and some sort of which are VC glitches itself. Switchglitching with chrome shotgun used to be a glitch before, but nowdays it has became a normal tactic. Some people turn their Frame Limiter also off to improve their character speed. Nade glitching is one of the lamest glitching way but it's simple. In pervious versions there was many of different way how to glitch with nades in current I know atleast one.(They have banned jumping with nades on hand, which solved problems in pervious versions. It's same with fire) Stubby Shotgun famous way to glitch, while holding shift and arrows and shooting at the same you start glitching and running at once. Theres many of more glitches but I don't share everything with new generation of MTA players.
  6. I don't mean to be harsh, but this song sucks. It is the most boring, trash I've ever listened to. Does the creator of this song even listen to rap, cause I would say no. Whatever.
  7. That should go in the quote board Well, are you satisfied now or you need to post another spam post ? And also Huge LOL at Ruigy's post.
  8. League has completely failed as I expected, everyone was interested of vc - mp these days and forget the league. League creators didn't showed up and still beeing a scared to post. I think it should be closed now, because I would like to see a gang which wants to play in so unorganised league. Anyways FMJ please don't never tell to others their league is unorganised if you can't do it in your own (speaking of last EUNA). - Andy Scott
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