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  1. Once you have logged in I would assume that you could use the GUI from the P button to start the resources and map also. Though I have tried both. The server states that they are started but I am still not getting another but a black screen with the console.
  2. RPG is already done on a lot of servers ones that I enjoy the most if I wanted to play DM I would play a different game, I want realism and the ability to be a cop and do things the right way or whicherver roll you choose to be. Lights synced would be nice. Heck been wanting that since GTAVC. Also another question would be. Are the emergency lights/sirens synced? Otherwise it really provides nothing for pulling someone over.
  3. works more fluently. Just still have the issues I posted before.
  4. I just have to say Oli. Extremely great work. I did some catch up reading the entire section but dang you just keep cramming them out. You are a definante need to this community Here is some things I noticed. Script/chat lagg But then again I was running the server on the same computer I was playing on. I seem to notice random disconnects for mtama though. Because sometimes the scripts work and sometimes they don't and I check the window and it says waiting to reconnecting. Also with admin status 5 and playing by myself I couldn't suspect myself or anyone else to put them on the wanted list. I have seen the wanted list come up before. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.
  5. DreadfullyDespized


    alright I seem to of been using the wrong script..sorry got that part taken care of, used the fmj thingy and only problem is a laggy response and would disconnect every so often. Just looking for a decent script that allows cop use. such as suspect and cops and wanted and such. To report crimes and chase the bad guys down. so far ankeborgs server has scripting to my liking just hard to find I guess.
  6. Is there going to be police working systems in the script like suspect and such that I have played on with ankeborgs server. where you can set people suspects for crimes and then go after them for it as a cop.
  7. is there anything I have to do with this script other then simply load it and then set the admin name and start playing? Because it seems to not be working.
  8. DreadfullyDespized


    alright, I tried using the RPG clan script 2.00 and none of the commands seem to work and I enter in the admin name and click ok and it says set admin name and then I hit the big ok and no event errors or anything on it.
  9. Sorry if this was revised before. Just couldn't find anything on this exact subject from searching. I have the latest updated version of MTA:MA and tried with 3.19. I start up the server and try to connect in MTA:MA and then it connects and after about 5-10seconds it disconnects. The admin tool in the MTA folder stays connected for as long as needed and same with ingame and MTA client. Sorry found it, seems I had to install the mtaserver.exe update thingy thought I did that before
  10. I also see a error in the mirc window for line 411. in the file, but not to fluent with scrips so I don't want to mess with it.
  11. *claps* great work and thanks for using your time to provide help
  12. harry I have got to say many thanks I am going to go through the manual before I decide to ask any questions well here is my problem. I ran mtaserver.exe and it was running fine and even ran the server through the client. Also running fine. when I try to connect it stays for like 5 seconds and then says disconnect via timeout, I hosted without scrips and me and my gf played on it before so no problems there. sorry about this third edit, but found the patch and seems to be working fine, thanks for the help
  13. well scripts/rpging makes the game realistic instead of a normal DM game as many others. heck would be nice to pick cop and be a cop on the beat and then when robbers and such do things bad you get your freak on. Great work on teh scripts though. Many congrats to all incorperated.
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