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  1. Im just curious. in the deathmatch we will have the ability to choose all the people we have seen in the game? to choose if we are going to be fat athletic, clothes etc etc. Can we use our player from the game?
  2. guys what if you make the mod in a way that every time we play mta to use the needed files from the 1.0 version and when the player is going to play san andreas to use his settings?
  3. as far as i remember some times i was respsawing some seconds before i die and always not in the same position. I undersand the thing about the speed. the checkpoints was not made from the beggining to respawn. it will be usfull if we can set the car speed after a respawn in the map to be the same or 0 (except airoplanes).
  4. i want to ask some questions about respawing also. I can set the time limit of respawing only from the map editor? i can also from the server settings? Why the respawing guys takes so much? 10 seconds? and why after the 10 seconds we have to wait another 2 seconds? Also the respawing feature doesnt respawn you always on the same position. why this is happening? (i mean you fell in the water. you fall again after a second and you are respawing far from the fisrt point). It could be good if while we are waiting for the respawn to watch the map from our last point and to start after the respawn with 0 speed and on land.
  5. BrophY when the sdk is released someone with little knowledge of proggraming will be able to make anything?
  6. BrophY when the sdk is released someone with little knowledge of proggraming will be able to make anything?
  7. So when we are running the server we can select dm only rm only or both? very good idea
  8. So when we are running the server we can select dm only rm only or both? very good idea
  9. you can watch the corners with q and e also and ith both off them you can solve the camera problem. 2 hands to just drive a car? I used to finish games like flatout with one hand (brake, handrak,steering,accelerate and nitro all with one hand)
  10. and when you are driving you are using your mouse??
  11. This with the camera would be really helpfull. I usually press q and e together and leave them immidietly to fix my camera
  12. Guys is there a way to select on mta sa to play all th 70 levels randomly and NOT play again a same level until all the 70 levels have been played?
  13. Yes Vital i buy MTASA (It's third person) but sometimes maybe i would like to play an rpg map, i like to have that option. You don't like it? then don't play it. Of course it would not be the only mode. You can play the modes you like. I can't understand why not to implement them at all because you don't like them I like CS and why not to see it in san andreas. With your way if you like doom then you don't have to play any other doom clone game... you have doom..
  14. I mean the players to spawn inside a house and to be able to add pickups inside them.Is this posible?
  15. For those who have problems with the frame rate, try to lower the detail settings in single player. Disable antiallasing, keep the draw distance in the middle and use a lower resolution
  16. I personally would like to see: 1) A mode like rpg. that you are respawing whenever you want and in your way you can find guns, cars and enemies.. (Oh God.. it would be difficult to place cars in the san andreas map ) 2) Team deathmatch of course 3) A mode like in the counter strike. 2 teams, very realistic. with a few shots you are down 4) What about a 2-player mode? one is driving and the other is on the car and shooting the others(with a choice for password if that is possible because you want only your friend to be with you). 5) The deathmatch that vice city has also is a good idea. 6) What about deathmatch AND racing together? for example you start with deathmatch. you must go into a checkpoint to take a car and continue to race but you can slow down the other players by shooting them. 7) The ability to make maps inside a house. Is this possible? There are a lot of houses that can mak an excellent survival mode. In-car shooting is going to be synchronized?In mta 0.5 wasn't
  17. you don't have to explain to me how a forum works. i have post more than 4000 post in a lot of forums. i just want to make sure that the right person have seen this page. And i told you that if i was able to delete my last post i would have done it (Why someone cannot delete his post here?)
  18. i know you are right but with this the topic will not be updated.It will remain in the 2nd page (I usually delete my last post to post a new one but in this forum i can't)
  19. i have add 2 bugs/suggestions
  20. It would be good if in the browse server we can browse lan server also.
  21. Guys it is possible in the future that everytime mta opens to use its own gta_sa.exe and when exiting the game to have back the original file?
  22. Except that we can make a backup. Does this patch has an uninstall feature or will have in the future?
  23. I want to ask something. if finally you made this great patch to work with version 2 also, when we are aplying it we loose every or some of the updates and fixes that 1.01 or 2 has made to san andeas and it is like that we havent install any patch?
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