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  1. Yo. I have a problem to login into my account at community.multitheftauto.com I even used "Forgot your password??" function and it still says "Invalid user id" when i try to login. So wtf is wrong with the system? P.S. Sorry if wrong section but couldn't find better one.
  2. your script works with every version of 3DS Max or with latest? Especcially wanna ask if it works with 3DS Max 6?
  3. Well well well. Today it is wednesday and this problem isin't fixed yet bad boys
  4. Well i tryed upload my map sth-irak into resources section at mtabeta.com and i seen this error: Well i tryed upload stealth too but then i seen mesage with more errors displayed. So i ask when will be this fixed ??
  5. Oh thx. Good thingy. I will upload it. Hmm.. LoL wtf??
  6. Thx for screen Doktor. Hmm.. wtf? why on ur screen PCP's server logo is going a bit on radar ?? When i play there logo is exactly botton radar anyway ye in english it is iraq but in polish it is irak and heh it is just mapname i alled it as first thing came on my mind RHBK picza had to do screens but he is picza so he didin't made screens yet
  7. Hello. I created this map 2 weeks ago but now i put it on public. Well i hope u will like it Download and enjoy playing. Download link: http://files.filefront.com/sth+irakzip/;9525507;/f
  8. Same idea in SA-MP Forum about hg(s). http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?show ... 41081&st=0
  9. No. We have 2 people from Poland. Me and Idiot. BTW. Fitzy9994.
  10. When i type in chat !commands than i see in red colour. thus is lol i want the orange colour like was in x10 so what i must do to change color of this ??
  11. You must me loget to game like admin wth at least lvl4 to use !changemap .
  12. what for is option !vote couse when i type !vote map name. next i see Error: to type different typs of maps type /vote map name. this is what i should see or no ?? P.S. Sugestion: The best time of map (when new map is started than we see line -> Map *** started. played **/** (**%) and next line is type !commands... and if you can do the line best time of map so the next line will be -> Best time in this map made Somebody - 03:23:90 (example). Can you do that ?? P.S.2 can you do something like this -> !time somebody and next will be Somebody was playing in this server 23h 34min 56s (offcourse this is summary time). Can you do that ??
  13. For me this couldn't work, but when i done rebot my PC than was work. Now i do levels from 1 to 100. I only add 0 after number (example: was 4 is 40) and with this what sad Tommis (look up) i was changed and when i was go to game i was seen [PP]Arctos is loggin in like Admin ( Level: 10 ).
  14. I did it too,but only in mta.mrc is change couse in server still is what was. I was restart Server, mIRC and Computer and this ddin't changed.
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