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  1. mad boy plays while he's flippin his Caddy he's sing that limp bizkit song, "KEEP ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN, WHAAT?..." lol
  2. for just cruisin: Pheonix in D/T Sabre Gang Burrito for racing: Black or Red Cheetah Blue or Dk.Blue Infernus for stunting: Sabre Turbo Infernus's all around: Black Cheetah
  3. [Hank Hill]Goddamnit Bobby, I deal with cocaine and cocaine accessories[/Hank Hill]
  4. quite possibly, 0.5's car locations haven't changed drastically i dont think. if im not mistaken, i think the only change was switching the Hospitals Packer with a Firetruck. Quite similar to the previous version.
  5. ransom likes pics spread out, maybe hell make his own nicely done, g.
  6. im not sure myself actually, best bet i would think is to take an hour or so and just drive all around looking for cars, dikes i mean bikes, helis etc
  7. someone asked me to join FKU when Deathb was in, i laughed histerically and about 2 days later when i finally stopped i replied. "no." and started laughing again.
  8. one time noobie ran me over with a car, but i wasn't embarassed cuz he tried the whole night to kill me with weapons and... no dice. and one time i was fighting deathb and i had a urgent itch to scratch and i took my hand off my mouse to scratch and he killed me and acted like a tough guy for his only kill against me, little did he know i wasn't even fighting him atm...
  9. *FKU*$tylez

    rT* Red Turret

    i almost started to think Gunny stopped spamming other ppls threads, its been a long time since i heard from this G
  10. *FKU*$tylez


    rofl thats the best analogy i've heard in a while.
  11. word, gl, we'll probably see this in the trash in no time but in case that doesn't happen... laugh... good luck and have fun... and fight us. lol .
  12. if you can't afford 1 dollar, i laugh @ you. We're talking about MTA:Blue here, this is gonna be revolutionary, in other words: well worth $1. There's also plenty of time to work out a plan to deter modders, plus, if you pay $10 or so for 10 accounts, you're pretty much throwing $10 in the trash, because you're more than likely gonna get caught by some anti-cheat program that could/should be used alongside of MTABlue.
  13. werd up homes, gl n' have fun or something.
  14. when i read this guys post, i immediately thought "DNA".
  15. umm no. go to pwned.nl and maybe you'll get it.
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