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  1. Sorry for the double, but I can't get my hands on the language file. Tried arc_, but he isn't responding. I'd really like to do this translation.
  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll ask him. @MCvarial: You are partially right, but IMO the community center is the main thing what a simple gamer needs. I'm not talking about game mode developers. Of course, if I'd have the ability, I'd be glad to translate every site.
  3. Hi there! It's been a while since I last posted here, but since lots of new things came in my life, didn't really had the time to play MTA: SA. Recently, I've been to the community site and seen that the Hungarian translation is not only incorrect, but unfinished too. Is there a way to get an English language file, which I could translate? I'd really appreciate, since there are many Hungarians playing MTA.
  4. GameStar isn't only presented in Germany. At my country [Hungary] it's a very popular gaming related magazine too...But i don't really like them... They make up shit and such
  5. Hey there! I've just wanted to know how can be a 24/7 server QA Approved, so it'll be in mtabeta.com's serverlist. Thanks!
  6. Take a look at this: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... troduction You should really start to read the mta wiki
  7. Try to load the dff before the txd, then the txd file... Maybe it'll solve the problem.
  8. I think sliding can be solved with a simple player state change, like entering in a car as a passenger, then getting out. This was the best solution for it in SA-MP too! [i'm not comparing mta to it before someone flames me!]
  9. ShOtGuN


    Weapon skills can be set through resources, so that isn't a problem.
  10. Maybe because the server needs a meta.xml file which isn't in the server package?
  11. BTW, i've heard we can make maps with Race's map editor. Is that true?
  12. Well, the long awaited mod has been released and i have some questions about it. As i've noticed, you've made a really good modification, and all i can say it's worth the wait! So, here are the questions: First...the weapon synchronization is really cool but... Accidentally i went to a server with a modified weapon.dat [i have reinstalled SA after that, since it was really annoying.]. So does this mean the multi has no anticheat ATM? Or is it just because the weapon.dat files contents arn't synced? And related to the weapons.. i've noticed sometimes you can just kill an other player by one hit with a shotgun or something. Is it related somehow the player's bodyparts? Because mostly this happens when i shoot someone near the head area.
  13. I mean you get the files for new maps thats all
  14. Pff, have you read the comments section lately? It's been said by eAi that it's the installer of the mod itself, not some 'resource installer'... And what are you talking about? Resource Installer? Why the hell we would need that?
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