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  1. Interrap

    phpMTAS release

    if i can find a free host with a mysql database, could it be hosted for free?
  2. [email protected] for ini got it at last will take 2 sec to send, my mate was holding it for me whilst i formatted.
  3. you can have bigbosses' ip once i get the file
  4. You got admin+ activated on the options pannel on MTAmA? Also, the admin bit is just a part of cops+Robbers, not MTAmA..
  5. i hate you asshole, your subnet banned from the FSL server, dont bother asking to be unbanned. P.S i wasnt saying that to you nub
  6. LOL, why would i want to be unbanned from your server, FKU sucks..
  7. Interrap

    MTAMA Blacklist

    coz u been saying shit to me on msn, so i say shit about ur nan u lil fuckup, dont fucking speak 2 me, ever again, i swear if i EVER get your IP
  8. Sorry for wait its taking a couple of more days than expected.
  9. Interrap

    MTAMA Blacklist

    You fucking mug I dont mod my cheetah, your getting pissy because one time I jacked it from where it spawns, there was a sync error and because I disturbed your chase.. As for blacklist I find it really hard to belive that you would ban me for several reasons: I flooded because madboy and panther was calling my mum shit so I said your nan back, your trying to blacklist me for personal reasons.
  10. Yes please, well quiky has mine.. its !p !c !a i sent him it and it worked for him, so it will work for everyone else.
  11. ill send on msn if u want first.. or 2moz, coz quikys got it since i formatted.
  12. As i've said.. coming to posts near you, I present my MTA.DATA.INI file, which has most known buildings registered, and some which are not really registered but have names to them, these are followed: Ryton-Aide Ammunation-Downtown WK-Chariot-Hotel Bronto-Bridge bowlin-Petes-Biker-Emporium Phils-Caravan Gerpok-Hq MoistPalms StarFish-Island-Estate-Road Ocean-View-Hotel FrontPage-Cafe LightHouse Beach-Patrol-HQ Washington-Ave-Carpark Secret-Service OceanBeach-Ammunation Ocean-View-Hospital Sunshine Autos Vice-City-Transport-Police Ocean-Beach-xbassINC-Supermarket Washington-Beach-Bunch-Of-Tools Washington-Ave-Carpark-and-Raffells SpandEx Health-and-Rehabilitation VicePort-PayNSpray NorthBridge Hooker-INN-Express Fudge-Packaging-Corp RiverSide-Pavilion Funeraria-Romero Coin-Laundry Drugs-Compound Airport-Frieght-and-Cargo-Terminal Tacop-Alypse Pharmacy-By-Firestation Cafe-Under-The-Tree Construction-Site-1of2 Construction-Site-2of2 RobberSpawn Coin-Laundary-and-Grusteak John-Homes Full-Moon-Warehouse KaufmanCabs PrintWorks Bank Mansion NorthPointMall FilmStudio Military CherryPoppers PolePosition Malibu JunkYard MoistPalms FireStation PizzaPlace1 PizzaPlace2 Cafe DonutShop Robber-House Ryton-Aide-Drug-Store Vice-Old-Boat Laundrette1 Hotel-Harrison GayGordos+ScooterShop FullMoon-Warehouse-Office/LoftSpace Galeria-Musical Vice-Point-Jewllers Vice-Point-Block-Of-Flats Mercadies-Flat GolfCource JockSport TEATRO DE BELL EvilNeo's-Shoe-Repair NPM-CarPark PheonixSpawn-House Shady-Palms-Hospital Elbee-Prescriptions Ocean-Bay-Building Discount-Slumbro Little-Havana-RunDown-Houses Roxor-International Discount-Slumbro Little-Havana-RunDown-Houses Roxor-International Deacon-Hotel This was added to the mta.data.ini file of FMJ Oli and Aerons MTAMA script, so I think there zones are registered in it, if it is, thanks to Oli, and Aeron, and thanks to Oli for making the !a !p !c script - If you download please post and tell me if you like - NOTE: Rename to .txt (Sorry for gay geocities, wont upload .ini files) : : : Size: 19KB Date: 02/01/2005 URL: Url will be added 03/01/2005 sorry for delay. : : NOTE: Rename to .txt (Sorry for gay geocities, wont upload .ini files)
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