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  1. all in all you're going to either be using uzi/pistol againsta uzi/pistol. or don't you spawn with $2000 and shotgun costs $1500 for 5 shells? its so easy to go thru 5 shells so basically uzi/pistol ...
  2. i like that idea, ransom. Good choices for spawns too.
  3. .... not funny kid. you just continue playin like you dont know what im sayin but i know, soon more people will realise that your a fake. gg no re
  4. lmfao sergio is an illeagal immagrant and doesn't know what he is doing....i am sure wheelman and rival do not want modders in our clan..thx have a good day.. how did you get in then?
  5. that sergio cracka but i had to easily say no. sorry.
  6. dont worry i wouldn't ask to join =AA=, i was already invited, i declined, nothing to worry about.
  7. thnx dan is that a nuf said or what? now chron, how about u stop lying and start telling the truth its not like u have to worry about getting kicked from kfc for using a cracked client laugh ur funny bud. no wait ur not my bud, thank fuck. anyways, i've said my side and thats that.
  8. wow, you're about as bright as a black crayon.... pay attention.
  9. yo dick, listen to me. i told you, i dont need your approval for anything. i told you the story, i could give a flying fuck whether you believe me or not.. its not "omg i gotta prove myself the faggotB" Peace.
  10. yea. i recently only had 0.5 installed, last nite I installed 0.4.1 again and hit up party server. and no SexyB, a friend did not send me nothing, i have nothing of the sort on my computer, except a gta3 trainer somewhere, but thats just for the garage editor in single play, anyhow, the client i was using was from the install so i dont know how it happened, and i dont, so what you want me to say? Im not gonna lie about it. I didn't have any idea it was cracked because there's still a crc check + weather + 10 second delay on disconnects. Here's what i dont get though, how do i get this sort of half-assed "cracked client" from the mta install that i've been using since i reformatted, and as far as i know i got the mta install straight off the mta site.
  11. ^ no i cant, like i told you, i JUST reinstalled the fuckin thing. and i saw it there. Look i aint gotta explain shit to you, your goal is to tear KFC apart anyways, well i took one of the members from =TR= and hes soon to be KFC, if i get kicked from KFC fer that shit im quittin mta all together cuz assholes like you and this drama aint worth shit. Jus lucky your nerd ass is sittin behind a computer far from me.
  12. nah this is straight from a 0.4.1 clean mta install ladies, thx though.
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