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  1. Robhol, your full of that guide. 50% of all your post relate to it.
  2. Z0mbzech


    Well, all my maps, and creations are copyright. Copy it, DDOSS
  3. No thanks to Robhol. Thanks to Blokker. Also, I cant go back to the main forum. That bar is also missing.
  4. Name In-Game: Z0mbzech Real Name: Ryan Age: 20 Country: Canada, on vacation to Mexico How long you have been playing: 8 months Skills (E.g. Scripting, Designer): Scripter, Pro Killer Any Comments: Im sexy
  5. Z0mbzech


    I need a bit of help scripting. I don't know what the "Right" name is for= Spawnpoint (any spawnpoint): Parachute: All objects: Hay: Thats all. If you could write them,or show me a link to them, that would be nice.
  6. Anyone? It's hard for me to script it, I can't get mta:sa race to load so I can't make maps. If someone scripts this, they will be an admin in my server. If you can script, or make good, zombie like maps, sign up here. You will get admin rights so its worth it!
  7. I LOVE YOU!... not. doesnt work at all. horrible idea. unstiky it.
  8. Nothing. Any good advice? Would anyone like to help me using teamviewer?
  9. Hi guys. I'm looking for a scripter. I'm going to put up my server soon but I need another Gamemode. The gamemode description is: Death Zone (Gamemode): There are two teams in the survival gamemode. The red team is the attackers. The white team is the defenders. The white teams motive is to stay alive and get rid of the red team. When a person in the red team kills a person in the white team, the person joins the red team with full health. The red teams screen becomes faded red. The weather is always a thunderstorm or sandstorm. The teams are: Red Team Weapons: Katana (2 hit kill), Armour (Blocks two hits from white team's shotgun). Red Teamkill: No. Red Team Skin: 162 (added blood) White Team Weapons: Shotgun (5 hit kill, 20 ammo), Nightstick (20 hit kill) White Teamkill: No. White Team Skin: 284 Admin Team Weapons: Minigun (100000 bullets), Chainsaw, Flamethrower (100000 ammo), Cloak. Admin Teamkill: Yes. Admin Team Skin: 61 I know that many people ask this, put I was just wondering if anyone would like to help me out. I already have 10 gamemodes but I need this one last one. This server will be in DP2.3.
  10. What did you use to make the forum? Making one for my server and this one looks fine.
  11. Hi guys. I just downloaded Mta:Race. The screen pops up saying "Stop Playing With Yourself" then dissapears. I reinstalled, redownload the game way to many times. Can you maybe help me with teamviewer? Thanks.
  12. This looks good. When it's done, ill put it on my server.
  13. Z0mbzech


    I was told climbing belongs to Mr.Hankey. He is never on anything I asked the scripter and Gamenet.fi, Mr.Hankey's old server. He said: I guess that means I can get it here.
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