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[HELP] Shoot or move object


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Hi guys, I'm trying to learn how to do a resource to hold a ball when the player collides, and then click to shoot it in the current camera direction.
Im a little lost :/, I searched and tried with moveObejct but the result was too badly...

Here some portions of code:

ball = createObject(1598, 1347.8164, 2127.0234, 10.3, 300, 360, 300, false)
attachElements ( ball, player, 0, 0.5, -0.75 )
local rotz = tonumber(getPedRotation(player))
local xt,yt,zt = getElementPosition(player)
detachElements(ball, player)
xt = xt + (math.cos(math.rad(rotz+90)) * 1.2)
yt = yt + (math.sin(math.rad(rotz+90)) * 1.2)
moveObject(ball, 2500, xt, yt, zt, math.random(10, 90), math.random(10, 90), math.random(10, 90))

If you can help me with something or give me a hint, I will be grateful!

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