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[QUESTION] Why can't I move the radar?


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local movingOffsetX, movingOffsetY = 0, 0
local isMoving = false

bindKey('m', 'down',
		showCursor(not isCursorShowing());

function drawRadar()
	showPlayerHudComponent("radar", false)
	if disableGTASAhealth then showPlayerHudComponent("health", false) end
	if disableGTASAarmor then showPlayerHudComponent("armour", false) end
	if disableGTASAoxygen then showPlayerHudComponent("breath", false) end
	if (not isPlayerMapVisible()) then
			if (isCursorShowing() and isMoving) then
				local cursorX, cursorY = getCursorPosition();
				cursorX = cursorX * sx;
				cursorY = cursorY * sy;
				xFactor = cursorX - movingOffsetX;
				yFactor = cursorY - movingOffsetY;
		local mW, mH = dxGetMaterialSize(rt)
		local x, y = getElementPosition(localPlayer)
		local X, Y = mW/2 -(x/(6000/worldW)), mH/2 +(y/(6000/worldH))
		local camX,camY,camZ = getElementRotation(getCamera())
		dxSetRenderTarget(rt, true)
		if alwaysRenderMap or getElementInterior(localPlayer) == 0 then
			dxDrawRectangle(xFactor, yFactor, worldW, worldH, 0xFF5E656B) 
			dxDrawImage(X - worldW/2, mH/5 + (Y - worldH/2), worldW, worldH, "image/world.jpg", camZ, (x/(6000/worldW)), -(y/(6000/worldH)), tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255))
		dxDrawRectangle((10)*xFactor, sy-((200+10))*yFactor, (300)*xFactor, (184)*yFactor, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 175))
		dxDrawImage((10+5)*xFactor, sy-((200+5))*yFactor, (300-10)*xFactor, (175)*yFactor, rt, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255))
		local rx, ry, rz = getElementRotation(localPlayer)
		local lB = (15)*xFactor
		local rB = (15+290)*xFactor
		local tB = sy-(205)*yFactor
		local bB = tB + (175)*yFactor
		local cX, cY = (rB+lB)/2, (tB+bB)/2 +(35)*yFactor
		local toLeft, toTop, toRight, toBottom = cX-lB, cY-tB, rB-cX, bB-cY
		for k, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("blip")) do
			local bx, by = getElementPosition(v)
			local actualDist = getDistanceBetweenPoints2D(x, y, bx, by)
			local maxDist = getBlipVisibleDistance(v)
			if actualDist <= maxDist and getElementDimension(v)==getElementDimension(localPlayer) and getElementInterior(v)==getElementInterior(localPlayer) then
				local dist = actualDist/(6000/((worldW+worldH)/2))
				local rot = findRotation(bx, by, x, y)-camZ
				local bpx, bpy = getPointFromDistanceRotation(cX, cY, math.min(dist, math.sqrt(toTop^2 + toRight^2)), rot)
				local bpx = math.max(lB, math.min(rB, bpx))
				local bpy = math.max(tB, math.min(bB, bpy))
				local bid = getElementData(v, "customIcon") or getBlipIcon(v)
				local _, _, _, bcA = getBlipColor(v)
				local bcR, bcG, bcB = 255, 255, 255
				if getBlipIcon(v) == 0 then
					bcR, bcG, bcB = getBlipColor(v)
				local bS = getBlipSize(v)
				dxDrawImage(bpx -(blip*bS)*xFactor/2, bpy -(blip*bS)*yFactor/2, (blip*bS)*xFactor, (blip*bS)*yFactor, "image/blip/"..bid..".png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(bcR, bcG, bcB, bcA))
		if renderNorthBlip then
			local rot = -camZ+180
			local bpx, bpy = getPointFromDistanceRotation(cX, cY, math.sqrt(toTop^2 + toRight^2), rot) --get position
			local bpx = math.max(lB, math.min(rB, bpx))
			local bpy = math.max(tB, math.min(bB, bpy)) --cap position to screen
			local dist = getDistanceBetweenPoints2D(cX, cY, bpx, bpy) --get distance to the capped position
			local bpx, bpy = getPointFromDistanceRotation(cX, cY, dist, rot) --re-calculate position based on new distance
			if bpx and bpy then --if position was obtained successfully
				local bpx = math.max(lB, math.min(rB, bpx))
				local bpy = math.max(tB, math.min(bB, bpy)) --cap position just in case
				dxDrawImage(bpx -(blip*2)/2, bpy -(blip*2)/2, blip*2, blip*2, "image/blip/4.png", 0, 0, 0) --draw north (4) blip
		dxDrawImage(cX -(blip*2)*xFactor/2, cY -(blip*2)*yFactor/2, (blip*2)*xFactor, (blip*2)*yFactor, "image/player.png", camZ-rz, 0, 0)
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawRadar)

addEventHandler('onClientClick', getRootElement(),
	function(button, state, cursorX, cursorY)
		if (not isPlayerMapVisible()) then
			local cursorX, cursorY = getCursorPosition();
			if (button == 'left' and state == 'down') then
				if (cursorX >= xFactor and cursorX <= xFactor + worldW and cursorY >= yFactor and cursorY <= yFactor + worldH) then
					isMoving = true;
					movingOffsetX = cursorX - xFactor;
					movingOffsetY = cursorY - yFactor;
				isMoving = false;

No errors/warnings in debugscript 3, what the problem with this?

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This is something you can only figure out by debugging your code.

Since you haven't done that properly, you go to the forum and say: 'it doesn't work but I do not know why'.
But if you did do that properly, then you could say: 'This variable contains a wrong value.'

This is NOT properly debugging: Staring at the debug console and waiting for an error/warning to show up.


So follow a tutorial instead:


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