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[TUT] Notepad++ MTA Syntax Highlighting and Auto Complete


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Hey guys. I found a video on YouTube (in German, sorry) that shows you how to install MTA syntax highlighting and autocomplete for Notepad++. You don't have to watch the video, but there are links in the video description (which I'll leave here) that leads to a forum and in there will be a download link (which I'll also leave here) for installing to Notepad++.

And the reason why I'm recommending this version is because for whatever odd reason, JR10's way of doing it doesn't really come out the way I'd like it to be. Problems such as 'function' turn to white and MTA functions are blue and also everything is in a thinner font which is hard to read, so I don't like that. So with this version, things like function names are highlighted in red, it's the same font thickness, and all the up to date functions are also highlighted.

If you don't like the autocomplete, just go to Settings > Preferences > Auto-Completion > and uncheck 'Enable auto-completion on each input'. And that's pretty much it. Hope it makes things a lot easier for you.


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