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alt + tab, will &%¤# up the game


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Hi, I joined a server, started GTA 3 and was watching the credits. after a while I pushed alt+tab and pushed the send game request button. when I got back to the game (alt+tab) I came to the choose team menu but the game was &%¤#[0 up and the backround was flickering. Does anyone else have this prob?


excuse my bad English :D

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of corse, now i can join servers but i dont see any players, in ASE there are 4, 8, 16, 19 players but when i join, select a team, i dont see any players, in the map there are some stupid models over a roof there isnt a way to i get up there & all those bots dont move, what can i do to play the mod right?

(i make like they say, find a server, conect to a server by ASE or by the ip (i use the ip metode) then when im connect i make send request, i respawn, finaly i choose a team but like i said there arent players, but i can see them in ASE)

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more than one people must have pushed the request game button and you will get an message Mta started (mafia isnt working for unknown reason) :!:

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