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Running a MTA server on ARM architecture (Raspberry Pi)


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So, that's it, being able to host a server on the Raspberry Pi.

A few years ago, (to be precise, in 2013) this was suggested (Link here) and it was discarded because the RPi wasn't very fast at the time, which is fair. However, this year a new model of it was released and it is (as they say)  x10 faster than the one from 2013. Obviously, you're not going to put 100 people in there, but for a development server it's a pretty nice box.


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You can always work around this by using an x86 emulator. I've heard performance is a bit of a hit and miss with these, but they're older forum posts and artciels (> 1 year old). If it's only development servers with a few players on, you should be fine for the most part.

Nevertheless, it's worth a shot. Check out QEMU too. Seems to be the only decent free one.




https://eltechs.com/ (paid)

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