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[mod suggestion] GTA side-missions

Guest Thunderbolt

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(My english isn't to good, i'm from holland)

It really kicks ass that you put multiplayer gamemodes into MTA (such like deathmatch, etc.)

Now my idea, here it comes :arrow: Why not use the side-missions in GTA (police, ambulance and firetruck and maybe the taxi jobs) in MTA. for example you, as a police-man in a police car, have to arrest the player you play against. Or put out a fire, with a firetruck, the other player started.

maybe it's to difficult to program or you all ready thought of this yourself.

But hey, maybe's it's a good idea for MTA.


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fire-truck/arsonists, cops and robbers, ambulance missions (hard or maybe impossible to do as the people die, but are standing up so they can get in ambulance?), taxi missions (a racing variation really) or co-op/team missions of the above have all been sugested.

I have no idea if/when these will be implemented =)

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