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using bikes as stuntramps?


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In the professional stunt videos I see them using a motorbike parked against a lampost or something as a ramp. I wan't to try this stuff too, but some questions rise:

1). How to park it that way? because when u get of a bike it just stands up straigt, and won't lay against a lampost.

2). If I place a bike, and then steal a car to get my stuntbike, the placed bike is usually gone before i can get back to it. How do you guys do this? Same goes for the truck that can be used as a ramp.

Something completely different:

3). I see u guys jump against little walls and sky-rocketing into the air from it. Is that just good timing (the moment you lift the front of the bike) and just the right speed, or is there a trick I am not aware of?

I'd like to know, cauz I need some more extreem stunts for my next video.

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usually bikes are used for airs when they're using bikes for jumps, not cars. anyways, it usually dissapears if you leave it in the path of pedestrians or in the streets. Put it next to a less populated, or completely empty area when you're choosing a pole. you also gotta lean it against the pole by running against it.

hope this hepled. happy stunting :)

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alos, some people decide to be jewish when they stunt, by using the taxi boost, if thats what you're refering to as sky rocketing up walls and stuff.... personally i hate that. i think its no better than using mods.

if you're refering to simple bike wallrides, it just takes practice, you gotta experiment on your own and find the optimal speed and angle at whicvh you need to wheelie

ps: sorry for the doublde post. actually, i dont care :)

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