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umm i dont think a firewall has anything to do with blips :o

actually it does.. my cousins pc had firewall on, he joined a server, he could see no one and no one could see him, he turned firewall off, all worked fine

well yeah but mostly they cant see the other players, not just the blips

and as jani said, mta on 9x (when you actually got it to run) has also probs with showing players and/or blips

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Well i connect but i dont thibk ne1 can see me and i cant see ne1 else. MTA3 works fine and all but VC is messed up. only the car blips pop-up when i press the right mouse key. Everytime i use 1.1 i get a unhandled exception. I download another 1.1 later but i have to go now. I have a spy sweeper on my computer ill try turning that off also but I have to go right now. Also im using XP

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ekin113 wrote:

Everytime i use 1.1 i get a unhandled exception.

at what address?

Its at c0000005

at adress: 004e004c

EDIT: Also I downloaded a new 1.1 patch but it wont work because it says the .EXE is a Unknown version or something- And i took the spy sweeper fire walls off but no luck

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