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Problem using mta

Guest razorjch16

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When I start the multi theft auto thing that looks like a setup file, all it does is open a screen and says:

MTA Server for MTA 0.4

ServerName = 'MTA 0.4 NoName Server'

ServerPort = 2003

Game = GTA:VC / MTA:VC (#2)

GameMode = Regular (#1)

MaxPlayers = 16

SERVER: successfully started the server (port 2003)

SERVER: press 'q' or 'Q' to shutdown the server.

ADMINSERVER: successfully started the server (port 4003)

SERVER: ASE registration is enabled ... will attempt to register (if possible).

then it doesn't do anything else. How are you supposed to use this. I have windows xp and I am trying to play it on vice city

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Do you want to play MTA or run a server?

'coz if you want to play it, running a server doesn't help. You should run the client :? (MTAClient.exe) If you don't have that, look on the website to download the client.

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I was trying to use the server when I really just wanted to use the client, now I downloaded it and it says "Invalid Server Host or Port" Where can I find what this is supposed to be?

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