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=TR= The Revolution has begun


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I clanbanned TR from the partyserver for stuff like this

I don't care if ppl don't like us Im happy to have them play but spamming the chat is against the rules and stupid

If these guys aren't from this gang... oops


[16:38] [TR]Chao: LKSGJKHJ

[16:38] [TR]Waytek: dsafdsgdsgdsgfdsga

[16:38] [TR]Chao: FKLJGHSK

[16:38] Sc4r: yankee's

[16:38] [TR]Chao: LSHJKK

[16:38] [TR]Chao: LFHJKSKLJH

[16:38] [KFC]KungFu: have you unpaused yet

[16:38] [TR]Chao: LHJKSKL

[16:38] [TR]Chao: LKHJSKLJ

[16:38] [TR]Chao: SDFJKAKJ

[16:38] [KFC]KungFu: !stfu Chao

[16:38] <'[TR]Chao', you have been added to the "stfu" list. If you talk further you will be kicked.>

[16:38] [TR]Waytek: son of bitch kfc

[16:38] [TR]Chao: AFJDAJK

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Clanban will only ban the TRs in the server at that time, not anyone that joins from then on with TR in their name ;)

Yeah Im smart thanks

I wanted to head off the admin abuse claims... Im not interested in banning anyone TR forever just these particular asshats this time

Everyone else is a case by case basis

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