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Hello there,

I am here today to introduce a server which has been in development for a while but it is now available to play as we have managed to finish most part of the server. Most of the scripts are done and we are now only fixing some bugs. I believe that the server is now playable therefore I will show glimpse of the server in screenshots. I hope you will join the server soon :D


This is the position where the new player will spawn when he login for the first time. The new player can roam around and find his own way of playing or he can chose what everyone does. Like others, the new player will be able to see "W" icon on the map when he press f11. He will need to reach to "W" by any means, either by foot, stealing other cars or taking lift if someone is generous enough to do so.


When you reach "W" icon and hit the marker then the GUI shown above will appear on your screen. It will allow you to choose a job from variety of jobs listed on it. Currently there are only 9 jobs but we will soon add some more.


All the jobs are available to do within SF area. You do not need to travel LV or LS to do jobs are they are chosen for another purposes. Since SF is the only working area, it is forbidden to kill in SF area. If you do so you will be warned and if you still repeat then we will take harsh actions. However, this type of mistakes do not lead to permanent ban but it will definitely get you 1 hour ban if you keep death matching.


The above screenshot shows Wang Cars where you will be able to buy brand new cars. The price of vehicles varies upon their performance and their look.


The screenshot shown above is of the vehicle panel from which the cars you have bought can be spawned. The panel appears when you press "M" button.You will need to select a vehicle that you own and click spawn to spawn that car. If you have none vehicles on your panel then you will need to buy one. The fix and flip buttons will take $100 from you to fix the vehicle.


The above screenshot shows ATM from where you can withdraw and deposit cash. You find out how much you have got in your bank account you will need to type "!bank".


This is a Trade Center where you can sell and your any used vehicles. You cannot sell in higher price than the vehicle is worth in Wang Cars.


This is the bus system, you may know it as transport system on other servers. It will transport you to selected destination if you are ready to pay certain price for the journey. The price is based upon the distance of your journey. The longer distance you need to travel the higher the price you need to par for the journey.


This is a Gang System. You can join any gang you like or you can also create your own gang. However, in order to create your own gang you will need 400k in-game cash. Cash is required to create gang because we had experienced advertisement by new players. They create a gang with name of another server. To avoid this problem we decided to place 400k price tag.

You will also have gang setting from where you will be able to manage the gang. If you are the owner or co-owner of the gang then only the gang setting will be accessible. If you have access to gang setting then you can kick members from the gang, change gang name, change gang colour and many more. This gang system is not like turfing. A flag will appear and you need to go under the flag area and get 6 kills to win the area. If you are defending your area then you will only need 4 kills.

The screenshots have taken much more space than I expected therefore I will just list other features to end this topic quickly.


Minimissions such as Briefcase, Capture the Flag, Payload, Kill the VIP, Car mission

Clue system

Admin Base (players will receive free weapons if they managed to enter admin base successfully)

Last but not least, we are a new community and we just opened up the server so forgive us if you do not like the server or if you feel the server do not have enough features. We are constantly working hard to improve the server. Feel free to drop comments in server or on our forum http://www.logixgaming.ga if you want to give some ideas.

Thanks for reading such a long advertisement :P

Best Regards,

S kla- One of the 3 administrators of the server

Just for extra information we also have DayZ server but it is not edited yet so it is exactly like Default DayZ.


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