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How it's possible to make more than one command at this script.I can use only with single commands /cd or /rules. But i wanna for example /mute blue and its not working. Here is the code.

if string.sub(first,1,1) == "/" then 
            local command = string.sub(first,2,string.len(first)) 
            executeCommandHandler( command, thePlayer ) 

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Just use addCommandHandler, no need to do whatever you tried to do. Use the examples, it's really simple.

playerSource: The player who triggered the command. If not triggered by a player (e.g. by admin), this will be false.

commandName: The name of the command triggered. This is useful if multiple commands go through one function.

arg1, arg2, ...: Each word after command name in the original command is passed here in a seperate variable. If there is no value for an argument, its variable will contain nil. You can deal with a variable number of arguments using the vararg expression, as shown in Server Example 2 below.

Quick example;

function ExampleCode(theCMD, arg1) 
    if(type(arg1) == "string") then 
        outputChatBox("Hello "...arg1) -- /Hello World will output "Hello World". /Hello Space will output "Hello Space". 
addCommandHandler("Hello", ExampleCode) 

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