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NOTE : This is the part of script which not working

setAccountData ( Acc, "Team", getPlayerTeam (source)) 
    local Team = getAccountData (acc, "Team") 
    setPlayerTeam (source, Team) 

The debugs says that i can't use string at the second argument of setPlayerTeam, how to fix that ?

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I'm going to assume that you set the "Team" data as a string for the team name.

Try this.

local Team = getTeamFromName(getAccountData (acc, "Team")) 
setPlayerTeam (source, Team) 

[11:50:48] WARNING: LogSave\server.lua:84: Bad argument @ 'getTeamFromName' [Exp

ected string at argument 1, got boolean]

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try this
setAccountData ( Acc, "Team", getTeamName(getPlayerTeam (source))) 
    local Team = getAccountData (acc, "Team") 
    setPlayerTeam (source, Team) 

[13:17:08] WARNING: Logsaver\server.lua:114: Bad argument @ 'setPlayerTeam' [Exp

ected team at argument 2, got string 'Staff']

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