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Terrorists Troopers is Recruiting


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Name-in-game:#Bego  Real-name:Omarabaza Age:18 Nationalty:Egypt I want TO join this gang beacuse this is   a best gang and aof us love them and all members in this gang have loyal and mature and iam have Loyal and mature and i love all members in this gang and i love this gang and is my dream in join this gang :D and i love my family and my Brothers and my Favourite food is fish and i Love Play football and Play with my friends and my brothers i promise for Never left Gang Terrorists And thanks :D:D 

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31 minutes ago, SuperCroz said:

hhahaah oh my god that's so funny.

Daaaam, They are like 35 years old each now and everyone of them has like 3 or 4 children and 2 of them will begin playing MTA next year!

The fk I just said above?

lol, that was funny mate.

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